Walking Dead Whitey Lynch Syndrome

November 15, 2016

Please tell me I’m not the only that sees this or else I’m applying to be in Castaway Part II. Americans still don’t get that YOU are the Walking Dead. The virus is the dollar or Federal Reserve debt notes. Debt equals death. That’s why Trump said he loves debt. Every time you spend money you are giving more and more of yourself over to the parasitic elite when it is not done consciously. Fiat currency is black talismanic magick. You don’t have to believe in it for it to work on you. Your beliefs BE-LIES.

Anyway now that Rick has found a liking to his chocolate Samarai female let’s have a look at what the psycho Jews are really trying to say since they know who black people really are. It was bad enough all the interracial implications but now we have Negan, aka Nigger or Negar meaning to negate, in all his black with his tan skin and dick bat. Rick has been emasculated, now twice, in front of his black woman. She still has her sword dick but Rick’s dicks are all gone. Negan took all their guns. Hell even his son had some balls to stand up to Negan aka Nigger but Rick made him back down to save lives. Rick even had to admit the baby isn’t even his. Now he has zero balls left. Negan broke him……just like they used to break horses and slaves (not from Africa but from black native American tribes).

Notice that there are no black males in major roles. The stick man and the Rasta with a tiger are off chasing Carol the psycho old ass white bitch. For what I have no fucking idea. Let that bitch die!!!! Who cares? She ain’t ISIS. Now the fag ass preacher is back spouting that Jesus bullshit that has blacks in a mental and spiritual prison all over the planet. It seems the black woman is now in charge…..again…….just like single black mothers of America because the former black man, now Rick, has become a feminized version of his former self. The rest don’t fuckin’ matter. Even when there are no blacks around it’s still all about us. They have to manipulate us to stay in existence. Once we get free they disappear from the history books forever. This land is not their land. They stole it. Stealing something doesn’t make it yours. It makes you a goddamn criminal ass genocidal thieving maniac.



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