Justin Bamberg from Bamberg, SC and Charlotte Mecklenburg?!?!??!

September 25, 2016

What the fuck is up with all the “Bergs” in this Charlotte shooting of Keith Lamont Scott? The family has hired SC representative of District 90 (as in District 9 the movie) and attorney Justin Bamberg. Is he related to the Bambergs that founded this tiny town? He also represented Walker Scott and the police settled for over six million. That number reminds me of a Big Jewish Lie. Anyway, I don’t know if he is related but he’s definitely a BeeGee. My definition of a BeeGee is a name put out by the media that is a reference to 9/11 via the Twin Towers of Solomon’s Temple Boaz and Joachin. George Bush is another one. Justin Bieber. The list is long. (I had compiled one but can’t find it now). Justin Bamberg is actually two BeeGee’s because of B and J and then B and G alone in Bamberg. J and G are interchangeable when they are used this way because G can make the J sound. Obviously the pedophile bankster elite prefer the G because it is Gimel the number 4 of materialism in Kabbalah and the Freemasonry symbol of the square and compass. Bamberg was also born on 3/7, more Kabbalistic numbers and gematria. 3 is creation and 7 is manifestation. The elite believe they are God but they don’t realize they did not originate the Divinity. They are just unconsciously mimicking the Creator but imperfectly because of the restriction of time and impermanence from Saturn or Satan.

Intuitively Bamberg sounds like bomb or bam!!! plus berg which sounds like burglar to me. It really comes from borough which means town. That is what the elite do. They bomb us with false flags and psyops, wait for the fear reaction to steal our energy with other Satanic rituals and then continue robbing us via the Fed. Then food prices skyrocket and you cannot afford grub which is burg backwards. Also they are feeding on us because they are all energy vampires.

Guess who preceded Mr. Bamberg as the representative of that same District 90? Bakari Sellers….CNN commentator. hahaha…..Also the town Bamberg, SC is located at 33°17′54″N 81°1′55″W. There’s that 33 Freemason number again. Of course 81 is also 8+1=9 or even 9×9=99=9×11=911. See how they get into your subconscious without your approval? Mind control is 100% illegal but they don’t care. Everything they do is illegal but they only apply the laws to us…..admiralty/maritime law under the Federal Reserve which was granted a permanent charter under the McFadden Act of 1927. So we have to discuss black voting rights expiring but the Fed charter never expires? haha…..Blacks are mostly natives to this land and should have their own nation right here in this land since it belongs to us. We don’t need to participate in the US Corporation although we are currently prisoners of war and being occupied by the same through interloping Europeans.

Another “berg” or “burg” is Charlotte Mecklenburg named after Princess Charlotte….a British German and likely a Jew. Strelitz is German. So is Bamberg. .


Bamberg is close to Bavaria in Germany. Yup as in Bavarian Illuminati founded in Charleston, SC just 1.5hrs away. Why do you think they call it Charleston? You know the arrogant European always names everything after themselves even though the land belongs to the indigenous and mostly black. They always say these groups have been shut down when in fact they have simply gone underground. They always lie…..ALWAYS.


This little future demoness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge was born on 5/19 to Kate and William is officially a Taurus (most of the elite are Taureans or have prominent Taurus or 2nd house placements in their birth charts) but on the cusp of Gemini making her a Taurini. The lower energy of Taureans is all about obsession with materialism. Hmmmm……sounds like Rothschild doesn’t it? Prince George is a Cancer on 7/22 or 22/7 which is pi. No accident. America is a Cancer as well (7/4 for the brain-dead, walking dead Americans).




Aren’t she and her brother Prince George cute? Hell no!!!!!!!! We are repeating the past all over again people!!!!! DEMONS!!!!!!

The end game here is that Federal Government will take over the function of the police. The military and the police will merge into one. The police have already received most of the training from Israeli Mossad. If you cannot control your emotions you can never find the truth. It will always elude you because your emotions are tools of control they use against you. Also if you do not meditate forget about it. You cannot know the truth without meditation. You are just shuffling the tumultuous papers of your mind. No enlightening can or will occur. You are wasting your time and will be reincarnated in the next life having made ZERO or very little progress on your soul journey. Confucius said “Pound the water and it is still water”. The truth is the same.

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