Who Are The White Supremacists? Most of us….

July 9, 2016

There is a myth that the only white supremacists are the KKK, White Brotherhood and other neo-Nazi groups with young white males who wear swastika tattoos and have bald heads. This is a drastic oversimplification of white supremacy. White supremacy is a system of skin privilege that benefits whites in every walk of life from public mis-education to deathcare to police treatment (or brutality for blacks) and the injustice system that continues to disproportionately incarcerate blacks for the same or lesser offenses as whites. White collar crime is hardly prosecuted at all. This system forces whites to participate in it because the only qualification for it is white skin. Therein lies one of the main issues.

Whites hate being called white supremacists because it’s true but they don’t mind being called white or part native American. They can call themselves native American because they killed all the native Americans and none are left to confirm or deny it. If you are in a system of white supremacy and you are white then you have no choice other than being a racist white supremacist. Your skin is your membership and the system forces it benefits onto you whether you want them or not. The few whites that actively fight against it like Tim Wise are still conferred the privileges because there is no way to reject them. What white elites have done now though is to start moving the white middle class into the lower class so now we see the likes of Trump calling to “Make America Great Again”. Trump says he means bringing jobs back. What jobs? Slavery? To racists making America great again means slaughtering all blacks except the ones they want to have sex with or be entertained by. We know what the code means. It means white survival which equates with black death. There are also many people of color that are white supremacists in melanated skin. They have accepted the lie for money, prestige or whatever else they feel it does for them.Many do it simple out of hatred of themselves….like Clarence Thomas to name an obvious example. Whites view everything as a competition and preferably violent competition because their albinism is a genetic deficiency that expresses itself through murder, sexual perversion, drug abuse and a god complex that results in money worship and perpetual war using phony boogeymen of color they have created with false flags to demonize so they can believe they are the “good” guys. Nothing could be further from the truth and just because we live in this Matrix of lies does not change the actual truth which belong to the one true GOD. The truth in the end, regardless of how  we arrive there, will destroy white supremacy. There is no other long term possible outcome. This is why many whites are trying their hardest to enjoy its final days as they struggle to keep it alive worldwide.

It would not be fair to treat all whites as if they want to exterminate all blacks but the mission of the system of white supremacy is just that….total extermination of ALL people of color from our planet Earth. If whites are not stopped in some way this is exactly what will happen and a lot sooner than most people think. Blacks understand that some white supremacists are unwilling racists. They hate being lumped in with whites who are willing racists but you have to understand that racism based on visual features like skin color can happen no other way. If I’m a gangster pimp or if I’m a PhD law professor at Stanford as long as I have black or brown skin I am seen identically to racists. All racists are white and no racists are not white. The system of racism and the concept of race was invented by whites for white. If any whites want to help stop with the conversation and dialogue bullshit. We have had enough of those and they don’t help. They just lip service so white supremacy can continue unabated. What needs to happen is one of two thing: 1) The dismantling of white supremacy or 2) The separation of the “races”. The former cannot happen because without it whites would cease to exist and whites are not prepared to live without their privileges. They would rather die first. The second one is feasible but blacks would have to have our own land and we already know whites and Jews will never pay the reparations they owe from 500 years of African slavery and also the genocide black native Americans who were here long before red natives and whites. If blacks had their own country (Africa the continent is currently being recolonized) then whites would simply bomb us and then re-take the land all over to continue global white supremacy.

One of these days, and hopefully soon, blacks and other people of color are going to realize that you cannot negotiate with white supremacy. It is devoid of morality. It is the psychological attempt of whites, who feel inferior and afraid of annihilation, to maintain their gene pool. It does not care about how this is accomplished or who has to die. Whites have and will even sacrifice many of their own. It is a demonic system that rejects God. It uses whiteness and money as its phony replacement god. It is Satanic and it infects everything it touches with a lack of empathy and compassion. It is a system of complete lies backed up by a phone history created by whites after they stole it from blacks and whitewashed it according to this system of death. Whites do not and cannot understand what this genetic condition does to their psychology. This is why they have so many mental disorders and so many health issues? You need to be able to assimilate the energy of the Sun to be a sane, loving, caring person. When you are de-melanated and albinized you cannot do so, at least not without some black genes. Maybe melanin therapy is what is needed here to cure whites of their mental sickness and disconnection from God. If you put anything into drugs whites will take it because they love drugs. It makes them feel temporarily connected to God. Of course it is not the real god…..just the one they think they are because of their god complex. No one knows how this will play out but I know my soul is eternal so even if whites kill my body time would have done that eventually anyway. Nothing but God can touch my soul. White supremacy is an aberration and a weakness that much be eliminated from the human race or we all face extinction.


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