Whites Are Physical Projection of African Spiritual Degeneration

July 5, 2016

Everything in the material realm has a cause and an effect. That is the law.  We are bounded here by the saturnine constraints of time. This original cause is God. It is the ultimate cause of all effects so that it might reflect upon itself through us. For some this has no meaning. Today we see the world has been thrown into chaos and disorder for the  desires and sensations and a small few who overestimate their worth through psychopathy. As a result our water, food, earth, air and minds have all been poisoned by a sick minority of “intellectual animals” who still do not realize the extent of the damage they have caused to Mother Earth because they only pursue more and more wealth at the expense of all forms of life on the planet. We collectively refer to them as Europeans…death dealers. They are really just Africans that suffer from melanin deficiency syndrome. MDS produces an array of mental and psychological disorders that manifest as contempt for and desire to dominate nature along with an innate fear of anything different from self. It produces an over-aggression that is marked by unprovoked violence and a sexual perversion that is completely unnatural and abhorrent to the Creator. It is a god complex produced through disconnection for the true God.

Whites come from blacks. We already know this. The question is why would God allow Europeans to steal everything that was granted to us and relabel it as theirs under global white supremacy. It is not what God allows. It is what we caused to happen to ourselves. Let’s keep it real people. Egypt wasn’t perfect. At some point we crossed the line. We started to abuse the powers we had achieved through cosmic alignment. We began to exhibit a god complex. We began to tinker with higher dimensional forces in the hopes of attaining and controlling their power as well. We got greedy. The cosmic and karmic response to this inner African problem was a external problematic manifestaion: WHITES.

Everything that we did WRONG is Africa is exactly how the European behaves. They are our karma for forgetting the true God and thinking that we replaced it instead of being in union with it. Europeans are greedy. Europeans think they are God. Europeans have no real connection with nature. They fear it and try to dominate it with technology. They care very little for their young. They kill everyone and everything that is different from them or that they do not understand. Look at how Alexander the so-called Great destroyed everything he couldn’t understand basically throwing mankind back into another Dark Age where our greatest achievements were lost or forgotten. Whites are  black karma. We fucked up people. Let’s not let that happen again.If we do there will be another race of white-skinned Europeans here to punish us all over again. Once we fix our issues and resolve the karma for our past misdeeds the white race will disappear. That is how karma works so don’t worry about Europeans. There time has been limited by the Divine.




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