Texxit a Real Possibility….I Wish Blaxit Was….

June 26, 2016

A lot of people are talking about Brexit and how other countries like France, Ireland and Scotland are already mobilizing for referendums on whether or not to remain in the EU. Don’t think that this separation sentiment has fallen on deaf ears in America. Texas has never stopped talking about seceding from America. That is not the same as leaving the North American Union, which is a real entity as well, but it is rejecting Obama’s lenient  and currently unenforced immigration policy just like the Brits symbolically rejected theirs. Texas is big enough to be a country by itself and then it could control its own border which means controlling Mexican immigration. In other words a wall would go up and the Mexicans there would be rounded up and deported most likely. Don’t think it could happen? They thought the same thing about Brexit. I wouldn’t complain one bit to be honest not that I really care where people live. That would leave 49 states and then they would probably make Puerto Rico the 50th then.

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