Why Most Women Get Banged and Dumped

May 29, 2016

Most men I talk to already understand this but for some reason most women either don’t care, cannot comprehend it or simply don’t believe it. They refuse to believe that TV and Hollywood actually shapes their personality and behavior. They don’t get the connection between watching a heated “Housewives of Atlanta” episode and then going out and get into a fight at a bar because someone has similar outfit to theirs. The media is almost completely owned and run by Satanic Jews. These creatures or whatever they really are know how to send messages into our subconscious so that they sprout back into the conscious over time to alter our behavior. They know women are more vulnerable to this approach than men although men are developing serious low body self-images too now. You can tell by the rise of anabolic steroids. Without a six-pack some women won’t even talk to you. Haha…….I’m not kidding either. That’s how pathetic they are.

The perfect example is how they splatter Nicki Minaj all over TV and the internet. Men take a look at that and say to themselves “Give me five minutes with that big ole booty!!!” Now the shallow attraction and objectification has been planted in our minds. Next women see the attention that Nicki gets from men on TV and in her videos. It probably doesn’t even happen like that in real life but TV makes you think it’s real. Most women cannot separate the two. Because of the phony attention that Nicki gets women, out of low self-esteem, then want to look and act like Nicki so they can get some of that attention too. What they don’t realize, foolishly, is that men want to bang Nicki and dump her. They don’t want to date a drama queen like that. No man does….not a sane one anyway. They might take her money and that’s it. Sex gets old real quick when a woman has nothing else to offer. Now both seeds are planted.

Call it a Friday night at a club. Now the Nicki wannabees show up the club decked out with their bog ole booties in Saran Wrap. Guys come up and start hitting on them. They have a few drinks, smoke a blunt in the parking lot and the next thing you know they are hitting it from the back. After busting a few nuts they exchange numbers and part ways. Some females don’t even expect to hear back anymore because they don’t feel they are worthy of more than a booty call. They still religiously put on their stripper-like Nicki gear, go out and find a thug or thug wannabee in proper attire and bang the night away. They never  figure out the reason they never hear back from men is because the guy just fucked Nicki in his mind and that’s all he wanted. They don’t even know or care one bit who you are or anything you stand for which is probably not much. As long as women allow it men are going to do it and most women show no signs of letting up or learning whatsoever. In fact by all accounts the situation is worsening. Thanks for the memory. It won’t last.

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