Prince Able to Transcend Male Gender Stereotypes

April 25, 2016

I’m so sick and tired of hearing everyone talk about Prince being androgynous, gay or bisexual. He was a devout Jehovah’s Witness when he was murdered and staunchly against homosexuality. Of course he probably experimented when he was younger and doing drugs like any good musician but this was a more than grown ass man now, not the superfreak from Controversy. People change over time. No one is static their entire life. The Jewish media has just brainwashed many people into accepting the LGBT community as mainstream and normal which it 100% is NOT!!!!!!! Obama’s gay agenda from the Jews has been very effective. The numbers of bisexual women continue to skyrocket along with the suicide rate of Americans in general. They just love it when a plan comes together but I digress.

Women say they are attracted to Prince even though he wore high heels, flamboyant clothes, fancy jewelry and a perm like a female. First of all we know that Prince was publicly straight his entire career. He banged out Madonna, Kirstie Alley, Mayte, Appolonia, Vanity and many many others!!!!! No men. No transsexuals like Eddie Murphy. A straight man can express himself in any way he sees fit especially when they are a musician. Prince seems manly enough to me. He was a very deep voice but also incredible range. I consider it to be his style, not feminine. Women just like Prince because his music makes them horny and since he appears feminine to them they are psychologically having sex with themselves. Women have always loved men who ignore them largely and pay them little to no regard. That was definitely Prince. They have always loved men with money and fame as well but those men don’t make them horny with music so they have to comply with the gender stereotypes or be labeled gay or feminine even with money and fame.

If I dressed up like Prince and walked down the street in a black neighborhood women would clown me silly calling me faggot, flamer and everything else they could think of. Why not Prince? Because Prince is a musical genius. His music effectively mutes their gender stereotypes so that they can appreciate the masculine and feminine at the same time the way God intended. It’s not even really about the fame and money with Prince because Prince led a very private life and never overexposed himself (unless you count the cover of Lovesexy). In short women are under the influence of the Jewish media and its brainwashing. Until you can control your own mind you are of no use to anyone, including and especially yourself. The new C-word is crazy and that is what most women are. They have no reference point for sanity whatsoever except more garbage and filth from the TV and Hollywood.

To me Prince not only did the first Batman soundtrack. He IS Batman in many ways. He dresses unique. He always has lots of gadgets. No one knows his real personality really well. He gets any woman he wants but prefers almost none. He prefers to come out at night. If that ain’t Batman then what is?

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