How I Like To Meditate ( your mileage may vary )

March 29, 2016

Meditation doesn’t work every time for me. Sometimes I just don’t have the concentration needed to prevent thoughts from interrupting me or I don’t go back to the breath soon enough so the thoughts begin to chain together. In those cases I just give up after about 30min. No big deal. Live to meditate another day…..tomorrow. They say to meditate when you wake up because you just got back from the astral realm so it should be easier. It’s different for everyone. I find it hard to meditate without being sleepy so obviously I won’t be sleepy in the morning because I just slept.

Here are some things I like to do before meditation:

Wear loose fitting clothing. No MILF yoga pants.

Ground yourself by walking on some actual earth outside prior.

Do some yoga or stretches.

Do some deep breathing or pranayama.

Take a tepid shower.

Keep room around 70-75 degrees. Once you relax you may get chilly just like with a nap but don’t fall asleep.

Turn off wi-fi, TV and phones.

Turn on the A/C if it’s loud when it comes on and goes off. Also don’t run washer/dryer or dishwasher if they are loud.

If hungry eat something light that doesn’t fill you up.

Make sure the room is dimly lit maybe with a candle.

Burn incense if you like. Distracts me.

Light music like chanting or bamboo works well to warm up for 15 minutes but I prefer silence after that.

I don’t know if crystals help or not. I’ve had mixed results with them. If you try it I would suggest sixth or crown chakra stones only. Sometimes I think taping a sixth chakra stone or crystal between your eyes can help or taping fourth/heart chakra stones to the center of your chest.

Sit however you want but some believe facing east works best. Mudras may help. I cannot say for sure they do or don’t. To me it seems silly to ground yourself when meditating because you are trying to access the third eye, not the root chakra. We want to get away from Earth for now. Maybe I’m wrong but it makes senses to me.

Once you start to meditate thoughts will arise for beginners and intermediates. Just go with them and come back to the breath or whatever you designate for focus. Don’t control the breath. Just notice how you are naturally breathing. Some are long and some are short. Just pay attention. I don’t know how others feel about this technique but whenever I come back from a thought I try to mentally drop an anchor right there. I don’t generally use the breath or any visible object because my eyes would have to be open and the point is the reduce physical sensation to nothing if possible. The mistake most people make is trying to stop thinking. That is impossible so why are you trying to do it? Thoughts and thinking are NOT the same thing. Thinking will always happen as long as you are alive but you can control thoughts. Thinking is the processing of thoughts. Suspend the thoughts and the thinking is suspended on the material world. That means the mind becomes available to the spiritual. People also try to think of nothing. That makes no sense either. How is thinking of empty space or an empty room not still thoughts? Right when you return from a thought your nothingness is right there. Grab it with willpower. Don’t force it. I don’t like the word concentration because it makes me think of a TV evangelist praying to God while squinting with eyes closed like the sour-face makes his plea more impassioned. Doesn’t work.


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