Why Jews Love and Promote Anal Sex

January 11, 2016

As soon as Jews commandeered the American media one of the first things they did was overturn existing sodomy laws. The second thing was pushing the “gay agenda” where everyone, including children, is being taught that being homosexual is normal. That’s what the Jewish elites do……normalize aberrant behavior. I used to watch a lot back in the day because I thought it was harmless. Wrong. Porn alters the structure of your brain which means if affects your mind as well. It makes you view women as objects. It creates all sorts of other psychological disorders. The Gnostics believe it actually makes you dumb because masturbation has no receiving end for the sexual energy which is expelled nowhere causing air to rush into the brain. Over time it stupifies you.

Twenty years ago you couldn’t find any anal sex in the porn industry. Then the phony disease HIV/AIDS was created to scare the hell out of everyone. It worked. Porn stars started dropping like flies so porn became mostly safe sex for a while. Now look at what’s out there. It’s butt-fucking galore with no condoms whatsoever. Did HIV/AIDS just go away all of a sudden? If AIDS is real and the gestation period is 60 days then how the hell could any of that sex possibly be safe? When you think Jew think gay or pedophile. Gay isn’t the new black. Gay is just the same old phony Jew.

Every body part is associated with a particular zodiac sign. The digestive system (ass included) is Virgo. Virgo are known as anal, critical people who are into bedroom fetishes. It’s their way or the highway. I’ve never met a Virgo that didn’t love anal or some type of fetish. I meet some that lie about it because they are ashamed and don’t want people to know so that makes them liars too. Virgo is about the virgin but not a sexual virgin. It’s about purity of purpose. Virgos are very reliable people. They are very dedicated in their relationships and usually don’t sleep around. I like that but we all know about their insecure dark side as well. Their self-criticality is usually projected externally onto others. Scorpio represent the sexual organs in the zodiac. It is creative and transformative energy. Back to Virgo for a second. What does the digestive system do? It takes energy from food and returns the waste. It’s creative and transformative on a physical level. Now think about putting something creative on a spiritual level (a penis) into something that is just full of shit aka materialism. Now you see what a disgrace it is to perform such an act. Of course most people then just take the penis out of the ass and put it right back into the vagina in straight sex, resulting in all sorts of infections for the woman if she is unclean. Sometimes it goes back into her mouth….aka ass to mouth. It’s so unusual and unhygienic that it actually compels many people to watch and even perform the same.

The sick and degenerate Jewish elite know that anal sex is very powerful. When a man inserts his penis into another person’s rectum the root chakra, also known as muladhara or coccygeal, is drained of its life energy and it flows back into the man. Straight or gay sex doesn’t matter. They both work the same way. The older we get the less energy we have in our vital bodies because we waste our sexual energy by expelling it. This is why the Jewish elites always sodomize little boys. The masculine energy is more potent because males represent fire and air in the zodiac. Anal sex creates an unnatural link between the two participants. The man giving it is able to mentally dominate the receiver after that. All sorts of demonic energies are transmitted back and forth. Now think for a second. If you have a bunch of people butt-banging then they are spreading powerful demons all over the place. That is one reason the Jewish elite love it. They steal energy from children to extend their lives and perform their black magick sex rituals that feed on all of our fears which they are constantly creating and reinforcing. That should scare the shit out of everyone…..no pun intended. The penis has to be inserted at a certain angle that is only known in esoteric circles of Aleister Crowley fans. Does it really work? Look at the state of the world. I’d say it works pretty well judging from what I see.

For men performing anal on women I think it has to do with emasculation caused by Jewish feminism. Men think that they used to be in charge in the household. No we didn’t. The women were always in charge. We just pretended we were and they weren’t. There is an ongoing lie that men love sex more than women and men play along to their detriment. Now the women are in charge not only in the workforce but also in the bedroom and household. Now men have no sanctuary other than NFL football and UFC fighting. Women want to take that over too!!! I think most men have mother issues at least to some degree. How could we not? When you feel your mother didn’t meet your emotional needs as a child you end up hating women in some way, form or fashion. It may not be full fledged misogyny but there are definitely resentments that show up as sexual deviancy. I believe anal sex is a way for men to dominate women and for women who have similar issues with their fathers, to be dominated. It’s S&M. Many women feel they deserve to be punished because their father abandoned them. They falsely assume they were to blame for this and translate that into masochism during sex. What a sick species we are. Other animals don’t make it nearly this complicated. Until you find the source of why you want to dominate, disgrace and degrade women your fetish will remain a compulsion. I’m no fan of Freud or any Jewish psychologist because they are basically talking about themselves, the Jews, but the more we become like them from unconsciously emulating their sick media the more it applies to us.

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