White Women Paying Karma for Perversion of Yoga

November 4, 2015

I hate yoga studios. It’s almost always a bunch of white women aged 20-45 who are bending their bodies into a bunch of postures called asanas. They think this is everything that there is to yoga because they get stress relief and then can go pick up some dude half their age as a MILF or cougar. “Yoga” as it is taught in America is just exercise. There is excessive talking in the studio. There is no meditation. It is just another big business to sell yoga mats and tights.


No one will deny that the asanas provide good exercise and good exercise provides stress relief but it divorces yoga from the other 99% of it which is spiritual in nature. Yoga means union because it seeks to re-unite us with the Divine. It is a 24/7 process, not an hour session twice a week. There is no break from it. It is a lifestyle and a form of spiritual technology. It is ancient and sacred and reducing it to this is sick.

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White women and others who adopt this shallow practice will continue to pay karma for this sacrilege. Yoga does not belong to Indians or Hindus. It is universal and belongs to all of mankind but true yoga………not the Western bastardized perversion. There are even porn movies now with women doing asanas in their tights while performing sexually degenerate acts.


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