False Flags, Psyops and Astrology

October 21, 2015

A lot of astrologers, even famous ones, do not follow the news beyond the sound bytes and clips for the day unless their specialty is mundane astrology. When they do they usually take the news at its word that the events transpired as reported. We know that is a foolish thing to do because much of the news is orchestrated and even fabricated. The media has been caught red-handed many times making up shit. We know that Israeli Mossad did 9/11 and not the CIA’s double agent group formerly known as Al Qaeda and now ISIS or ISIL.

How can one properly contextualize events using astrology when the planets were doing one thing but the media caused something else to happen using it widespread influence. A greater question then becomes do the planets override the social engineering and brainwashing in some way, now or later, so that the Jewish media elite are ultimately foiled or do these same elites actually control the planets to bend us to their will within the confines of Saturn the King of Time bounding the seven traditional planets?

We also know the Moon is an artificial device and in all likelihood a satellite being used used by some malignant race of aliens to control the emotions of humanity. When you bomb the moon and it makes a a gong sound that is a hollow device. So where is our real moon? Did we ever have one? Did someone or something blow it up and replace it with a phony one? Until I know more about the Moon’s role in astrology I will now being to consider it one of the malefics.

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