The Utter Misandry of “Dark Matter” on Syfy

September 16, 2015

Since almost everything on TV these days is Jewish filth designed for the complete moral decay of society I rarely watch anything anymore beyond Food TV and tennis but since I’m into science-fiction (really it’s science non-fiction) I decided to give “Dark Matter” a try. It’s actually created by Joseph Mallozzi which is Italian but don’t know if he’s Jewish. The guy behind the series getting on air though is Jay Firestone. Guess what?!?! He’s a Jew.

Anyway the story goes like this. Six people wake up on a spaceship after having had their memories erased. They actually refer to each other with numbers in the order in which they awoke. Sounds like Fibonacci numerology already eh? Over the 13 episode season they attempt to figure out who they are and put their lives back together with little success. In the end they form a sort of new and extended family. Ironic since feminism is what Jews used to destroy the American family. Naturally the family has trust issues since their memories return only in pieces and most of the time they are fighting about money. Sounds Jewish doesn’t it?

Of course since the show’s main theme is geared toward misandry the hot chick in tights who kicks everyone in the ass appoints herself as leader of the crew. It turns out at the end of the first season (spoiler alert!!!) that she is a bio-engineered lifeform put together from a bunch of different body parts like Frankenstein (another Jew haha) and then sealed with nanobots that make her damn near invincible. I liken this to the organ harvesting that Jews did in Haiti and that is still going on with their eugenics organization now called “Planned Parenthood”. Anyway the robot that runs the ship is also super strong and can kill anyone just like the entertainment bot that was on one episode. Think about it……no male on the ship has actually had sex with a real women, just like two blow up dolls.

The second in command is some wimpy white dude who is overly emotional. He’s damn near gay. His arms are so small he looks lke a white Ethiopian. Then you have two big macho guys, one white and one black. The white guy is insecure and headstrong always looking for a battle. The black guy is more cerebral which is a surprising role for him since normally Jews kill all the blacks in the first episode or season. For some reason the black guy always looks like he is confused about something just like the little tech girl is always in an emotional uproar with wrinkled brows. The Asian dude plays his part spending almost all of the show practicing martial arts in the gym. Hahaha….Of course it turns out (spoiler alert!!!!) that the black guy is the one who sabotaged them as we not-so-eagerly await Season 2 in 2016. Blame the black man for everything!!!!!!! I think they all need some sex….real sex….with real vaginas.

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