No More Male Friends For Me

August 20, 2015

As bad as most women get on my nerves because of their excessive materialism, shallowness and obsession with image, I’ve finally decided that I don’t want any more male friends for the rest of my life. Why? Two simple reasons: 1) They are haters over pussy and 2) They are haters over money. Maybe if I meet my moral and financial equal or greater I will rescind this policy but from now on MEN STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM ME!!!!

Hateration has always been rampant in the black community since we spend the bulk of our brainwashed lives trying to get rich like whites while maintaining our hood swag “street” cred. Ghetto and rich do not belong together. They never last long either way because ghetto people blow their money and invest it in stupid things that go bust. Black guys I know ain’t about shit. When I say about shit I mean about helping other people improve their lives, not making money and fucking strippers.

Guys all think that they own women just because they had sex with them. NO YOU DON’T!!! Very few pussies in this world are brand new. Someone fucked your sex partner (because she ain’t yo girl) in the past and someone will fuck her in the future. Your dick can do nothing about it. In fact I may fuck her. You do not own women. We do not use chastity belts anymore you insecure bunch of fuckboy losers. If yo girl throws the ass at me I’m taking it. If you got a problem with that then go ahead and do something to me because then I have the right to whip out my Desert Eagle and AK47 to take you off the planet. BTW I never miss.

I’m tired of meeting all of these women in these abusive relationships because some loser makes his living by recreating the traumatic childhood of the vulnerable woman. Then they have the nerve to call themselves men. Men don’t take advantage of people, especially vulnerable women. You’re a sick fucking joke with a tiny ass dick.

Furthermore these joke ass broke ass fools never have any money. Somebody always buying them a drink because they can’t even afford penny fucking draft. Get a job loser……and not pimping women. I’m done with men. The Jewish media has turned 99% of them into punk ass pussies. With all that pussy why do they even want a woman?

So in summary I will fuck any woman on this planet that is fine as hell that wants to fuck me. I don’t care if it’s your girlfriend, live-in sex toy, sister, aunt or even wife. Why fuck someone’s wife? Because if she is cheating she doesn’t want you anymore which means the marriage is null and void in God’s eyes anyway. Get a job and go jerk off you pathetic bunch of control freaks. I’ll take care of satisfying the women myself and send them back to you so you can pay their bills.

YOU CAN’T COCK BLOCK A HOE FOOLS!!! WHAT THE FUCK YA’LL BE THINKIN’?!?!?! I’m fucking all ya’l’ girls. Let’s see who survives. And don’t let me get a few drinks in her. I’ll bang ya fuckin’ mom too. Real men love and protect women…..not beat em, cheat on em and steal all their shit. Instead of hating successful for what they have why don’t ya’ll love yourself and then go do the same.



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