Why I Don’t Want Children

August 9, 2015

I don’t envy the job of parents these days. It is impossible to protect them from the onslaught of poison and brainwashing filth that has consumed the planet at the hands of the Jewish elite. Let’s take a look at why they have no future. Having children today is tantamount to giving birth to a corporate slave that will beg for minimum wage when the Federal Jew-serve is done with them.

  1. Before your kids are even out of the womb they are already being poisoned by chemicals the mother has ingested. The father’s sperm has also been genetically altered. Who knows what the hell will come out at birth anymore?
  2. At birth doctors are informed to get a name for the birth certificate. Why? So they can give your baby a Social Security number and start trading their brand new asses on the stock market against their will. Of course the baby would be against this if they could speak but most parents don’t know about it or call the people that tell the truth nutjobs and conspiracy theorists. You can even look p your account and see how much money you have in it. Some have millions or more but if you try to access you disappear for good. Yup……dead.
  3. As soon as the baby seems pretty stable they get pumped full of toxic vaccines. This permanently stunts brain development.
  4. Men are circumcised…normally. That permanently traumatizes them sexually in ways we do not even fully understand yet.
  5. If you live where the water is fluoridated and you don’t filter it now your child’s brain function is already being suppressed. Regular toothpaste won’t help. Oh that’s right flouride is good for your enamel……..hahaha…..
  6. Children love sweets and processed food. Most parents just give it to them to shut them up. Even if you eat fruits and vegetables most are laced with toxic chemicals. This further stunts brain development at this crucial stage. Fast food is even worse.
  7. Children used to love to play outside. Now if they go outside mostly likely they will be inhaling chemtrails that turn them into mindless drones ready for public education.
  8. Public education teaches them everything that didn’t happen. It promotes groupthink consensus whereby the lies we all learn reinforce themselves. People don’t read much anymore and when they do most of them read lies. That’s not helping.
  9. As soon as they are old enough to get on the internet they will be bombarded with porn that permanently alters their view of the opposite sex or, in effect, brainwashes them into the gay lifestyle like what much of TV does.
  10. By the teens most children are already too far gone to save unless they have some of the best karma in the world. That’s about the only thing that can save them. I’m sorry but a mother’s love cannot do it.
  11. By high school graduation they hear the news of no jobs but go to college anyway and amass massive debt in student loans to learn a bunch of shit that isn’t even true.
  12. Frustrated and depressed from the seemingly insurmountable odds many turn to drugs for temporary relief. Of course most jobs drug test so now they can’t even get a job for multiple reasons. If they do get a job 1/3 of the funny money goes to the Feds so they keep killing brown people overseas and funding military and NASA misadventures for the Jewish elite.
  13. By the 20’s and 30’s many people will be sick. Their bodies have been accumulating toxins their whole lives. Cancer and diabetes will be rampant. There will brain tumors from excessive cell phone exposure.

This list could go on forever but you get the point. I stopped at 13 for a reason. It sure as hell ain’t no lucky number. Your children are doomed in America. Even if they have two parents one or both will be working to death which means they will be consuming more media filth. A single mother cannot teach a man how to be a man and cannot teach a woman how to properly relate to men. Same goes for single fathers in reverse. That’s if you’re lucky enough to even have a family since we’re all under attack. Do your kids a favor and wait until we reset this mess before bringing them into this Jewish-made disaster called life.

Stand up and stop the Jew. Save your children.

Blak Rant

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