Freemasonry and Futurism in Spielberg’s “Falling Skies”

August 8, 2015

Stephen Spielberg’s “Falling Skies” is some serious social engineering Jew bullshit. The Mason family is the central to the whole series……as in Freemasons. Everyone in the 2nd mass has to be sacrificed to keep the Masons alive. Hal is the male heir to Daddy Mason. His son Ben with the spikes is the transhumanist genetic superior of the regular Gentile losers. His other son Matt is the feminized male that permeates society these days. They are all Mason brothers. Their father Tom is the 33rd degree Mason who can never die. Ann and Tom’s daughter Lexi is the immaculate conception with God-like powers. She is an alien hybrid. More futurism that has already happened a la X-Files, which is why they are bringing it back.

Recently Tom has been having visions. He has become a clairvoyant since he destroyed the Aspheni control system, at least temporarily. My favorite character is Pope. You gotta love that name. They are showing you that the Pope is not the one really in charge. The Masons will destroy the Pope in the end. Of course they make him look like an erratic, dumb, oversexed, crude biker and now they even shaved his head like he’s a Nazi going to exterminate the Mason Jews. Get it now? It’s all programming folks. Our collective thoughts dictate reality but thinking about winning the lottery will not make you win the lottery. It doesn’t work that way.

They even had the time to include the race-mixing or race-dilution agenda. Tom is with Ann, an Asian. Ben and Hal are fighting over a femi-Nazi. Even Matt is getting sweet on a biracial chick and he’s the poster child for metrosexual Justin Bieber. Clearly feminism and race-mixing are part of the programming. The more you see it without knowing what they’re doing the more it’s in your subconscious. When it’s there it’s only a matter of time before it sprouts to the surface just like a germinating seed.

I started watching this brain filth from the beginning so I have to finish it or I’ll go insane from wondering and hoping that the Masons died before their NWO came to fruition. Also we all need to know what they are really planning and they only admit it through the media. No doubt will end up becoming the anti-Christ and leading us all to one world government. Great………..

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