10 Ways Trump Is Better For Blacks Than Clinton/Bush/Obama

July 23, 2015

Can someone please explain to me why blacks don’t support Donald Trump? And don’t say it’s because he’s a Republican or because he’s loud or because he’s rich or because he wears a toupee. Be a grownup for once.


1) Trump wants to close the borders……permanently. That means more jobs, less crime and less strain on healthcare.

2) He’s pro-life which is the godly position to take.

3) Against gay marriage the way the Bible implies it should be.

4) He wants to downsize the federal government. That means less taxes and more in your paycheck.

5) Favors the complete legalization of drugs.

6) Supports overhaul of public education.

7) He knows climate change is a hoax and another way to tax Americans more.

8) Supports strong families. Destruction of family by feminism destroyed the black race.

9) Welfare to work to get poor people off government dependence and on to independence and motivation. Also he knows unemployment rate is really 20% overall and 35% for blacks.

10) No cuts whatsoever to Medicare or Social Security…..ever.


Think about your programming people. The enemy of your true enemy must be your friend.

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