The Astrology of the Ashley Madison Hack

July 22, 2015

Some people just never learn. Why in the hell would you put your personal information on an affair web site knowing full well ahead of time that it would never be deleted. That’s what millions of Americans have done on ashleymadison.com. The CEO said they have secured the web site and no further leaks should occur. Ummmmm isn’t that a little late. They’ve already been hacked to 37 million users….that’s right….1 in 9 Americans is at least attempting to cheat on their spouse. Of course the CEO is a Jew so this may all be another media stunt but let’s see why the planets said differently on that day July 15 last week.



Mars conjunct Mercury in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn.

Mars is passion and Mercury is communication. Whoops….things are already heating up.

Moon conjunct Sun in Cancer square Uranus in Aries

Moon is emotion and mother. Sun is ego. Cancer is the home. Uranus is chaos and Aries is the self. Whoops again.

Jupiter and Venus conjunct in Leo square Saturn in Scorpio

Whoopsie daisy. Jupiter is expansion and Venus is relationships. Leo is the house of short romances. Saturn is about restriction and Scorpio is about sex. Geting the picture?

T-square with Pluto, Uranus and stellium in Cancer.

That Pluto Uranus square is still in effect folks. Astrology is about planetary transitions. They build to a peak and then they fade. They don’t just come and go suddenly. Lookie here a stellium of four planets in Cancer the home.

Hahahaha……what a bunch of morons. I hope the hackers release every single name. They already started with a few thousand. This could get juicy. Cheaters never win. I paid and then never got laid. If your wife isn’t enough for you then get divorced assholes. You’re pissing off God.

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