Why The Holohoax Is So Effective On Whites

July 19, 2015

It’s very frustrating in the “truth movement” or at least the small part of it that hasn’t been compromised by Jewish infiltration, to see people who still believe Hitler had an orchestrated agenda to mass exterminate the Jews and no one else in Germany at the end of WWII. It is a true testament to the power of the Big Lie. Once people get a thought form hammered into their brains, especially at a young age, not even science or a mass consciousness awakening can help many of them. They are stuck that way for the rest of their deluded lives. I feel bad for people that live in an alternate reality where Hitler was the worst man who ever lived. Personally I’m pretty sure that’s Henry Kissinger.

Anyway by the time Stanley Kubrick had faked the black and white footage of ditches of Jewish bodies that were really just Polish bodies, the mindset of fear of genetic annihilation was already being established in line with the Protocols of Zion, the Jewish elite document outlining the destruction of mankind and creation of global slavery. The Federal Reserve had already been commandeered and so Americans were already chasing their stupid dream which was nothing but a Jewish dream and American nightmare. Soon after the Second War began the indoctrination into sympathy for Jews and the so-called “survivors”. Forget the other millions upon millions of all races that died. Forget the Jews that actually served Hitler. Only the Jews matter or so it is framed historically. Then lie that Jews are God’s chosen people to buttress the other lies and it appears that Jews deserve to be rich because Hitler killed them all. Wrong. Didn’t happen. They lied. Less than 1.5 million Jews from the Holocaust. There were never even six million Jews in Europe at that time so how can you kill more than are alive. Lies. Even today the Jews control the NEA and keep printing textbooks with the six million figure even though the Holocaust Memorial has been modified to 1.5 million.

Now that whites had been terrified at the Phonycaust, they started thinking to themselves the same thing could happen to them, except through race-mixing. The Jewish elite refused to repatriate the ex-slaves back to Africa because he knew he needed them to racially dilute European Gentiles and that is why blacks are still in America today. We have been a tool since slavery and still are to this very day. Now you see all the racial incidents in the media and all the race-mixing on TV and the internet. They are fomenting racial hatred using the white fear of being racially annihilated. Whites already only exist in large numbers in Europe, America, Australia and New Zealand. They have a genetic fear of annihilation just like albinos in the animal kingdom but whites haven’t realized it until now. Jews are using that fear and magnifying it by tying it back the Holohoax. Whites are never the wiser.

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