Charleston Shooting PsyOp: Blacks Have No Idea Jews Still Own Their Minds

June 29, 2015

Black people just don’t get it. We believe every lie we are told and taught by this phony matrix reality we inhabit. We don’t get that there was no organized plan to exterminate Jews at the end of WWII. There was a lot of racism but Hitler wanted to deport the Jews, not kill them. The camps were worker camps not death camps. Black people don’t get that 9/11 was orchestrated by the Neocons (including Michael Chertoff) and carried out by Israeli Mossad. Most blacks really believe that Al Qaeda is real. Al Qaeda is the CIA people. ISIS is the same under a different name. Jewish elites have an plagiarist affinity for Egyptian gods. There are no real Islamic terrorists that can actually harm America unless it is allowed by the government and its Israeli controllers. Black don’t get that elite Jews started the NAACP and the KKK to foment racial division. Black people don’t get the elite Jews own 100% of the media so they control what you think and your behavior as well depending on how susceptible you are to the programming. Blacks don’t get that FDR was a Jew and that he created welfare to destroy the black family by mandating that benefits were dependent on the black father NOT living at home. Blacks don’t get that Jewish elites started slavery and also owned the vast majority of slaves on huge plantations. 3% of whites owned slaves and usually only one or two. The cruelty done to black slaves was almost always on massive Jewish slave plantations. Blacks don’t get that AIDS was created by Jewish elites to destroy sub-Saharan Africa so they could steal those natural resources once it was depopulated. Blacks don’t get that Jewish elites blocked all legislation pertaining to slavery reparations but they are still receiving reparations for a holocaust that really didn’t happen. Blacks don’t get that George Soros, a Jewish elite, funded most of the “Black Lives Matter” campaign to keep the racial disharmony growing.

What really happened in Charleston? It could be completely computer-generated imagery. They have the technology to make that happen. It doesn’t really matter though just like it doesn’t matter if 9/11 was video fakery. What does matter is that Jewish elites are fomenting a race war as a distraction so they can continue robbing the Treasury and eventually confiscate everyone’s guns. Jews are only 3% of America’s population but if they get the guns and maintain control of the police and military we cannot stop them from completing their agenda, which the total enslavement of mankind via their central banking system of fiat currency. Most blacks just don’t care about that though. We are busy blaming the white man for all of our problems…..problems which almost every single time have been created by Jewish elites.

Did anyone see any of the nine bodies that Dylan Storm Roof (that name doesn’t even make sense) supposedly shot? I haven’t and I don’t believe anyone will because there either aren’t any or they were quickly disposed of. There is no way this 21yr old was such a marksman that he could take out nine people without any of them resisting. He had to reload at least once or twice. People would have been hiding under pews and fleeing from to other rooms or even jumping out through windows. This was a psyop and it was highly effective on most Americans just like the recent police shootings. Jewish elites are behind all of this. The relatives of the supposed victims couldn’t even shed a tear on CNN. They were crisis actors paid by Jewish elites to pretend that the shooting actually happened and to demonize whites. Who cares about a goddamned Confederate flag? A flag is a symbol and people are free to interpret it any way their emotions dictate. Taking it down won’t change a thing. Jewish elites will be craft our reality and take advantage of us until we are all either dead and permanently re-enslaved.

How can you fight a battle when you have no idea who your enemy really is? Many whites are under the same delusion. They believe blacks, Latinos and Arabs are the enemy. All of this is media and historical disinformation and propaganda. Jewish elites provide the text books that are used to teach your children lies in mandated public education. The best gift you can give to anyone is teaching them how to think critically and question authority. Blacks and many whites do not do that and that is why we are so easily led astray by these continuous lies.

Let me be perfectly clear. JEWISH ELITES ARE OUR ENEMY……….NOT WHITES!!!

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