Supreme Court Legalizes Same Sex Marriage

June 28, 2015

Honestly I used to not give a damn whether or not gay people could get married. I was part of the straight people who thought “Why shouldn’t they be allowed to be miserable too?”. I still don’t really understand why they even want to. Marriage isn’t a right. It’s just a legal process. unless it is sanctified by God through holy matrimony. Civil unions are really the same thing as man-made marriage with a different name but of course the Jewish gay agenda kept pushing and pushing until it got what it wanted….more perversion. At the same time they now have a new tax base for gay married couples. It’s similar to what they did with feminism by breaking up the family and creating more consumers instead of the mother doing the shopping for everyone under one roof.

It’s a true testament to the degenerated nature of Americans that many are hailing this as some huge civil rights victory even though we all knew it was coming. Calling yourself the Supreme Court implies that no one is above you. Wrong. God is above everyone and we are below. The Jews are fools with God complexes. They only exacerbate their own karma with every satanic act they commit. Their hell is going to be full of unimaginable pain and most Americans are going with them. The Gnostics know that only a man and a woman can be married in the eyes of God. Why? Design. Tantra requires a positive and a negative. Only tantric sex, aka Sahaja Maithuna or karezza, can awaken the consciousness and form the solar bodies which are needed to prevent future lives of return (falsely called reincarnation). The Jews believe themselves to be Gods because their egos are so ginormous. They worship Yaldabaoth, the flawed creator of this flawed world. Their end is near.

Gays are infrasexuals just like the monks and nuns who are abstinent. We fell from grace through abuse of sex in the Garden of Eden. The only way to return is back through the door……..without the animal spasm or orgasm. There is no room for gays in the Pleroma. God cannot be mocked. Whatsoever a man (or reptile for that matter) soweth that shall they also reap. Gay really is the new black because they are the new pawns being used to forward and fulfill the demonic Jew agenda outlined in the Protocols of Zion.


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