Blacks Don’t Riot and Destroy “Their Communities” !!!

June 24, 2015

The last time I checked the word “their” implies collective ownership. Every time there is one of these psyop police shootings and blacks start rioting whites immediately start asking why blacks are destroying their own communities. Whites and Jews of America, blacks don’t own shit and you know we don’t own shit because most of you keep us from owning shit. ALL of these communities of color, as far as land and buildings, are owned and controlled by whites and Jews. Black people wouldn’t destroy their own neighborhood if they really owned it. They don’t own it so that’s why they destroy it. It’s a huge FUCK YOU!!!!!! Do you think blacks are really that stupid? Apparently whites and Jews do.

No group of people destroys the things that they own as a protest. Blacks live in these areas because they don’t make enough money to leave these low-income areas that are poorly maintained. They don’t own shit just like I don’t own my apartment or any of the land in my area. It belongs to a bunch of whites and Jews. Of course making this appeal to blacks on TV decreases the amount of rioting sometimes which amounts to less damage that the real white and Jewish owners have to repair. I’m sure they’ll hire some illegal immigrants to do it too.

Stop the fucking lies!!!!!!!!!!

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