The Astrology of Tennis Grand Slams

June 7, 2015

Australian Open mid-January – Capricorn

French Open May/June – Taurus/Gemini

Wimbledon June/July – Cancer

US Open August/September – Leo/Virgo

Notice anything peculiar about when the grand slams are scheduled? I did. They’re all in earth signs or at least overlap with an earth sign except for Wimbledon which is a water sign. You might be thinking “So what?”. Well tennis is played on different types of earth…..hard court, grass and clay. Earth is the sign of materialism and money. It’s also about determination. We know the elite have a lot of determination when it comes to money and keeping us all enslaved to our desires.

What’s peculiar is Wimbledon the one that started it all in Britain where the sickos live in the Square Mile or City of London. The US is a Cancer. The country was “born” on 7/4/76. Britain and America have truly been a cancer on the entire planet. We all know that Cancer is the cardinal water sign. That means they lead by emotion. That’s exactly what the Jewish media does to the minds of Brits and Americans alike. The earth signs from the other three slams form a Grand Earth Trine and with Cancer they form a Grand Trine Kite, one of the most potent aspect patterns in astrology. All four of these locations are owned and controlled by the global elite, mostly British Jewry.

A kite is nothing but a cross. And what does a kite do? It flies…..like a flag flies. What’s on the British flag? A red cross…..Can you say Rosicrucian? I always though the numbering system of tennis scoring was weird. Love or zero then fifteen, thirty, forty and then possible deuce/ad. Everything with the elite has some type of Kabbalistic numerology to it. First of all why would you equate love with zero? That’s sick in and of itself. Of course we already know that their “god” is money. Maybe they love it when we have no money? They know they rule this 3rd dimensional realm because we allow it. Fifteen reduces to six in gematria which of course is the number of the Beast which is nothing but the Ego/Pluralized I/Satan that lives inside the unawakened, intellectual humanoid mistakenly called human. Thirty is really three and forty is really four. In Tarot they represent the Empress and the Emperor. In Hebrew they are Gimel and Dalet. We know Gimel is the Freemasonic “G” and Dalet means pathway. G+D=GOD but it’s their money god not the real one.

It’s also interesting that Roger Federer is considered the greatest tennis player of all time, surpassing Pete Sampras in Grand Slam titles. Federer sounds a lot like Federal Reserve. Roger is actually a old slang word for “penis”. We all know about the relationship between money and sex. To top it off where is Federer from? Switzerland. Home of the Swiss bank accounts that are kept private by law, unless you aren’t a member of the club. It’s also home to the Bank of International Settlements that works with IMF and World Bank to keep us all enslaved. Nothing happens by accident folks.

If you are unaware these symbols strengthen their control over you. Oh that’s right I’m just a conspiracy theorist that needs to get a life. The end is near anyway. Most of humanity will be gone by 2017. We have been judged and convicted. Now we await the judgment called Nibiru or Hercolubus. All it takes for evil to succeed is for good people to do nothing. We could have stopped them and made this world a paradise by comparison. Instead we bought into central banking and now we have fallen just like the Tower card in Tarot, which I pulled earlier today. Our only hope is mercy but there may not be enough to save mankind in the long run.


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