The Real Reasons Behind Chemtrails (They Are NOT Contrails)

May 7, 2015

All over the country and world people are looking up (well at least the few in the know) into the sky to see military planes spraying white substances into the air at low altitudes. Supposedly one of the pilots who fly these missions for huge sums of money released an anonymous interview on Youtube.com. In it the interviewer asked him why these pilots do this to Americans knowing full well the repercussions. Know what most of them said? “Fuck Americans. We don’t give a shit about them.”

I believe chemtrails are being used for several purposes. The main one is to blot out the sun during times of the day when “Nibiru” or “Planet X” or whatever they call it this week could possibly be seen. This is why most spraying is done during the day because you can’t see much at all at night. Second I think the chemtrails block the rays from the Sun, not to ease the fictitious global warming but to prevent the Earth from getting the proper energies it needs from coronal mass ejections. We need that stuff folks. It’s not hot and it’s not going to burn us up. The Sun is not hot at the surface and we’ve already seen many different objects directly in front of the sun that didn’t burn up. Man’s science is a bunch of nonsensical lies and the elite know it. They are the ones who fund this damn pseudoscience bullshit and then make it part of NEA’s standard curriculum for children.


Another major reason for chemtrails is obvious. It’s poison. These heavy metals like barium and aluminum causes brain damage and asthma. They have also been reported to contain nanoparticles which could contain nanobots that are used to program us or otherwise affect our behavior. This is in line with Kurzweil futurism agenda of melding machine and flesh into one. Don’t believe it? Few do but after heavy spraying and a rainstorm legitimate scientists have taken rainwater/groundwater samples and found all of these toxins to be present in extremely unsafe amounts, sometimes five times higher than safe levels or more!!!


Americans think they are being protected when they are actually being sickened and killed. Who needs toxic vaccines when you have chemtrails? If you are one of these people that thinks these are just contrails please have your head and eyes examined. Contrails dissipates in a few minutes because they are just icicles from commercials airplanes. Chemtrails linger for hours and create an opaque haze that diffuses the Sun’s energy. They are spray them in criss-cross patterns so they cover the entire visible sky when they diffuse.


Now think about it. Chemicals affect your hormones and your hormones affect your health and emotional state. You have chemicals in your water. You have chemicals in your food. You have them in the air. You have them in medications. You have them in your nonstick cookware. You have them in plastic containers which contain BPA or bisphenol-A, which by the way has been banned in baby bottles overseas. I guess they want to at least leave babies enough brain function to become fully efficient corporate slaves by the time they grow up but not here in America. Don’t forget about the mercury in those CFL bulbs. The list goes on and on. Cancer rates are skyrocketing and children and adults alike are being diagnosed with ADHD. I won’t even go into the brain-frying that we do on smartphones everyday. Of course the conclusive European study was ignored in America.

Do you really think you are thinking clearly when your entire body is under this chemical assault? Highly doubtful folks. Highly doubtful. Here in Tampa we went from clear blue sky to yellow haze in a few hours a few days ago. Those toxins are now on the ground in our locally grown foods and will be dispersed into the drinking water during the next rainstorm. Gotta love this Jewish government and the Americans who serve them. They hate you. Nothing is a conspiracy theory when it’s been proven. Even the government admits it. They just lie about the true purpose. Don’t worry. When they come for us you’ll be so toxified you probably won’t even resist or realize it.

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