Black Mother Abuses Son In Baltimore Protest On Live TV

April 29, 2015

A lot of people think this black mother slapping her son on live TV to prevent him from participating in the protest is ok. Let me tell you why it is not. First of all it’s embarrassing to the young man, regardless of his true intentions. We don’t know he is a rioter so why are we assuming it. Secondly, this is child abuse. I don’t know how old he is but if he’s 18 or more then it’s assault. You CANNOT beat on anyone legally…….EVER!!! She is teaching her son that violence can solve problems, the very thing she is supposed to be preventing. Why not have a civilized conversation with your son and treat him like a human being? Black people need to stop this shit. It’s wrong and parents are going to pay huge in karma when these kids grow up and don’t give a shit about you. They will throw your violent, unrepentant ass into the sleaziest, cheapest rest home and I will applaud them when they do it. Parents don’t own their children. Children are sentient beings with their own souls and, for better or worse, they can make their own damn decisions. Are parents really trying to pretend they didn’t make plenty of mistakes at the same age? Not that this was even a mistake. You cannot and should not try to keep your children from making mistakes. It is how we all grow. If you want to keep your child an adolescent forever then go head and steal their future from them so you can feel like you fixed your own mistakes. Disgusting……..What is everyone going to say now when he grows up and beats on women. In his mind he will just be getting revenge of his mother. Have some foresight people for Christ’s sake!!!!!!! Instead of saving him she may have just doomed him. Now he HAS to get his manhood back for being ridiculed on national TV and Youtube.



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