Why Baltimore Should Keep Rioting (and other cities start)

April 28, 2015

I love how sellout niggas always come on TV asking for calm and peace as if they have any pull in da hood. These poor, oppressed and hopeless black people should never stop rioting. Why? Because whites and Jews will never change. They always promise change just like that faggot Obama and it never comes. They’re all liars……greedy liars who refuse to share anything with people who deserve it more than their lazy assess do. They just keep sending pitiful welfare checks and food stamps to keep us unmotivated and stuck. They make sure there’s plenty of liquor stores in the area. The only way to make enough money is to sell drugs or pimp hoes and the police and mayor are making pleas for peace? We need justice now. Fuck the discussions!!!! There will be NO more conversations on race. Fuck a conversation. Everybody knows how this system works and blacks would rather die than tolerate it anymore.

Fuck Obama and his ugly, pit bull, tranny-ass wife Michael. Obama had his former gay lover killed and Youtube has several videos that prove Michael (aka Michelle) is a tranny. This fuckhead had the nerve to call the looters thugs while he keeps using drones (just like a punk-ass coward) to drop bombs on women and children and anyone who doesn’t agree with the global elite aka Rothschilds and cohorts.

Do not stop looting black America. Loot everything and everywhere!!!! If we can’t be free then we can at least fight until they kill all of us!!! Power to the people!!! Fuck America forever!!!!! Land of the fees and home of the slaves. Band-aids won’t fix this. The system is coming down. LOOT NOW and LOOT FOREVER!!!!!!!! SMASH!!!!!!!!!!! NO JUSTICE NO PEACE!!!!!!!!

If they kill all of us then whites will finally focus on the Jews because there won’t be anyone else to blame. Don’t worry about suffering. We are suffering already. God is watching and patiently waiting.

Blak Rant

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