Thugs and Women: Simple Supply and Demand

April 21, 2015

A lot of people like to blame rap music on deviant youth behavior, especially young black male behavior. The truth is that rappers cannot get contracts unless the music is full of filth. Jewish producers make sure the music is shallow, materialistic, sexist, misogynistic, etc. Unless the rappers concede then they get no contract and no money. Money is God to Americans so rappers do what the rest of us do……..sell out for a buck.

So why do thugs (most rappers and men in general pretend to be thugs) want to maintain an image like that? Simple. Women love it. In more traditional days women respected polite men of intelligence and were not so obsessed about physical appearance. Now since women have their own jobs they no longer need in-house dick. Of course money and sex can never replace a true love or a faithful husband but women have yet to discover the true source of their own woes. They prefer antidepressants, prescription painkillers and Molly.

Since women have separated men from money (both have been objectified) men have become nothing but a symbolism of violence and machismo. They get those false cues from TV, the internet, gangsta rap, etc. Women never admit that the media has control of their minds. They just throw an infantile hissy fit of denial because their Egos are out of control and they see men as their collective oppressor since they have little to no personal responsibility for their spiritual selves. If you want to sleep with tons of women all you have to do is talk in ebonics like a rapper, dress like a rapper and walk like a rapper. In other words emulate thug swag. If you can sell drugs that’s even better. Dreadlocks help even more. Just copy what the TV tells women is macho and you can bang all day every day.

Despite what women and TV think men are not stupid. We give women the image that they want so they can get horny and we can get laid. Most women cannot orgasm from intelligent men with manners or college degrees. They scoff at them and call them gay, punks, wimps, wooses, pussies, lames, etc. It’s better to write all of those women off and go it alone but at least you know the formula if you just want to get laid. Women are easily programmable to get them to do anything you want because they are ruled by the media and the emotions generated from it. They have NO idea it is going on at all so take advantage of them if you want.

Black men should be more responsible and not provide women with these phony stereotypes of us. We are playing into the hands of the Jewish elite. this is why women cannot keep a man anymore. Black mothers are 70%+ single mothers. I personally think it’s higher and may hit 90% soon. Everyone blames black men for their aberrant behavior. No one blames the Jewish media elites for anything. No one blames black women for desiring these negative, false images. In the end most black women cannot have orgasms unless the guy is a thug so that is what black males provide for them.

In case you wanted to hear how we can reverse this trend…….we cannot. It’s over. The end is near and the Jewish elite won. Black women never listen to anyone about anything because they are all mad at themselves for the bad choices they made in the past and continue to make. We cannot wrestle control of the media away from Jewish elites and we cannot get black people to stop watching it. We’re finished. Prepare for whatever they have planned……which is most certainly death in one way or another.


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