Why White Males Really Hate Obama

April 20, 2015

This is all part of the race war agenda

1) He speaks intelligently, even though he’s lying so that’s equated with being an uppity nigger who doesn’t know his place.

2) White males always assume blacks lie and steal because white males do it all the time. Projection.

3) White males hate taking orders from non-white males and any female, even their own.

4) Lack of understanding that Jews control the show from behind the scenes so they vent on powerless groups like blacks.

5) Race-mixing being promoted in the media for white genocide.

6) The emotional symbolism of having a black man (even though biracial in reality) in the “WHITE” House.

7) The paranoid delusion that Obama is getting revenge on whites for slavery, which was actually started by elite Jews.

8) The frustration of not being able to eliminate Obama because he is protected by Jewish elites since he is part of their agenda for now.

On and on and on……..projection keeps us all divided and the Jews in power.

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