Why Black Women Are Polite To White Men (But Not Black Men)

April 7, 2015

I find this practice by black women sickening. Normally I wouldn’t even care because black women are so demonic and narcissistic from watching reality TV and thinking it’s them that I just thank God I’m not dating one or have a baby by one. I’m not really into the race thing but since it is an active social construct it would be silly to ignore it at your own peril. Isn’t being nice to white men and dissing black men just a modern version of the plantation? The white and usually Jewish slavemaster would often beat the male slaves and rape the black women in front of him to emasculate the black male. So began the destruction of the black family. It lies in tatters today after feminism and welfare finished it off. Black women know that a white man will never put up with their ridiculous behavior. They also know most white men have far more money than black men so they better keep their traps shut if they want to keep getting it. Most black women are not physically attracted to white men, even the ones they choose to date. That’s just a straight up prostitute. Once black women get hurt enough by black men they pimp themselves out to white men. It may piss off a few black men when you go out in public with your white slavemaster/pimp but most of us don’t care. We’re happy you don’t want us. It’s really pathetic. They can have you……..all of you. Good riddens to bad rubbish. Interracial dating between whites and blacks is just people who have been rejected by their own people.

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