White Women Don’t Give A Shit About Black Men (Or Anybody Including Themselves)

January 26, 2015

I know some people are going to read this post and get angry. I don’t give a damn. Go somewhere else and be mad. Go run a fucking marathon for all I care. The truth of the matter is that white women use black men for sex and/or money and/or drugs…..period. White women are not capable of forming meaningful long term relationships. White males already know this and yet they are still ready to start a race war over race mixing which has been promoted in the media by Jewish elites. I was watching my favorite show “Resurrection” last night during the finale and sure enough Omar Epps finally kissed his white girlfriend. Now we can only assume they are banging too. There is no way in the real world he lives with that white doctor chick with her blue eyes and doesn’t bang her out in the first place. I understand that some black men and white women are compatible but that doesn’t mean they actually give a shit about your welfare. Most white women into black men have been rejected by white men. We are getting their hand-me-down throwaways.Some are just rebelling against their racist family. Others are just brainwashed by the likes of “Khloe and Lamar” or “Ice T love Coco”. Women in general are unable to discern when their own personal choices have been overridden by the Jewish media. They get mad like spoiled little brats and then accuse you of being jealous or something asinine like that. That is what mind control does.

Am I saying that black women care about black men? Nope….not anymore. They used to before welfare and race-mixing. The Jew media has turned them against us too. Blacks’ enemies are every other race on the planet, not just whites. Whites’ only enemy is the Jew. Who has the greater struggle? Yup. A white woman can never understand that. Their job is to exploit any and everyone. When I bring it up they just stand there starry-eyed or sometimes they go out of their way to provoke racial conflict against whites to pretend that they are “down” with the cause of black freedom. Whatever. They just want more drugs, money or non-white dick. They never actually care what happens to black men. That’s why when they police pull us over with a white woman in the car they go home and we go to jail and eventually prison. The white woman goes home and calls another black penis out of the hundreds in her dick-phone and you are forgotten until you get out and can supply her with more money, drugs or dick. White women only do what benefits them. That’s why when the kids get in the way they kill them. The only they care about is having a good time. Cyndi Lauper should have said “White girls just wanna have fun”. It’s not all girls……just WHITE girls. They are self-consumed narcissistic whores. All you have to do is put them in the right environment and it comes out of every one of them. Put a conservative white chick around a bunch of black thugs with no white guys around and watch what happens…..a gang-bang within five minutes. Of course they will say they got raped to avoid the “nigger lover” label afterwards when white males find out but white males know how their whores operate. That’s why many have given up and gone after Latinas, Asians or black women……a very smart move if you want true love and a stable family. The only stable family white women can provide is the one where you actually live in a stable. They’d probably fuck the horses too or whatever animal was housed in there. If it’s alive and has a dick a white woman will fuck it….plain and simple.

White women are exceptionally talented at pretending to be chaste and morally upright. It’s a ruse. They are anything but. White women sleep with everyone on the first date. They take it up the ass. They love 3somes. They love double penetrations. They swallow cum shots. They love to get beaten up and have their hair pulled violently during sex. You can piss on them, shit on them, tie them up or whatever you can come up with. That is what they are. The porn industry has completely brainwashed these cave bitches to mimic degenerate behavior. Add that to being gold-diggers and drug addicts and you can plainly see there is nothing redeeming about any of them. Sure they slow down a little once they start to get old and ugly because they are worn out and don’t want to die alone but at their core they are still the same worthless piece of trash. After all of this they have the nerve to call themselves feminists. I love how many claim to be bisexual when in fact it’s just more people more them to fuck. White women have more sex toys than the porn shop they buy them from. Of course they rarely sanitize them because they are always in use from day to day. White women have way more STD’s than other women but the media promotes the myth of the black female whore, the Latina big butt freak fucking in Spanish and the demure Asian who loves getting pounded by white men that conquered their homeland. America is one fucking sick place.

Thank God that nature purges itself of things like us. Edward Cayce, before his death, predicted that New York would be underwater and that California would be wiped off the map. He also predicted that Europe would be completely transformed. That probably means racially with the Arab and Muslim influx of immigrants. Cayce has never been wrong and never will be….unlike Nostradamus. I predict the end will come for America in the first quarter of 2022. The planets are all lining up to rid the universe of the cancer known as America. Interestingly enough……in mundane astrology America actually is a cancer. It just turned out in more than one way. Destroy the woman and the man will destroy himself. The Jew knows.

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