How To Stop The Jews…..Now and Later

January 26, 2015

Many people think the Jews are unstoppable. They are not. No one but God is invincible. Only love is indestructible. Some say we need to take back the media. That won’t work because Jews own almost all of it including the alternative movement on the internet. They pit the alternatives against each other so they forget about what they all have in common: STOPPING THE JEWS!!!!!!!!

So how do we stop the Jews? Well you can do it actively or passively.


1) Learn how to astral travel and attack them in the 5th dimension when they sleep. You can see what’s in the Vatican. You can see where they put all of our gold. You can locate undeniable proof of 9/11 like the tower debris that was shipped to China or documentation of meetings with Mossad with Cheney and Chertoff. Learn astral travel and go find the proof!!!!!!!

2) Set up a international private fund for providing money to whistleblowers and their families so they can survive once they are labeled an anti-Semite…..and they will be! It would be even better to move them out of the country and establish new identities for them like a Jew Witness Protection Program. This would be great for the police and military since they have access to many of these secrets.

3) Undermine the Jew the same way they do us. Infiltrate them with sayanim and move our people into positions of power and influence over them.

4) Create a secret international group of highly trained freedom fighters to counter Mossad and handle those nasty little details that we won’t mention here.

5) Use astrology to determine to weak points and times in the birth charts of the elite and then exploit it with a public scandal gone viral.

6) Put the video “911 missing links” everywhere you can on the internet along with the holocaust videos that show they were worker camps not death camps.


7) Listen to the archives of Charles Guiliani on the no longer active web site for Oracle Broadcasting.


You can also listen to John Kaminsky or read his ongoing essays about Jewish exploitation of mankind.



1) There is a cosmic awakening happening. The Great Sun at the center of the universe is now rising but it will take thousands of more years to reach its peak. We just turned the corner on the darkness. Not a good option.

2) Wait on the Jews to make a major mistake that will be undeniable except to the most hardcore Zionist or Christian conservative. The Jews fuck up all the time. Remember Larry Silverstein saying they pulled WTC7 and no one did anything about it? How about the dancing Israelis that got sent back home after filming 3000 Americans die by the hand of Mossad?

3) Wait on the Jews to implode from all the infighting. It is happening but no one knows when they will collapse.

4) I believe a mammoth natural disaster is going to occur in early 2022. We can wait on that and see what happens. Again not a great idea.

5) Hope that aliens take pity on mankind’s brute savagery and stupidity and help us eliminate the reptilian, inbred Jew from our planet Mother Gaia.

6) Hope that nature herself can filter out the Jew parasite somehow without killing the rest of us.

Clearly we can hope all we want about the passive stuff but we need to take action right now to undermine the Jew and its influence.

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