The Likely Truth About Bill Cosby

January 21, 2015

You can never tell what the truth really is in the media. What you do know is there is some agenda and plenty of lies. Finding any truth involves using your intellect and intuition to decipher what has been omitted conveniently. Did Bill Cosby rape over 30 women? Hell no. Did he rape or molest a few of them. Probably. Men with money and power always abuse it to some degree. They count on their money being able to hide their indiscretions.

So why are over 30 women joining together against him? Because they think that greater numbers give their claims more legitimacy. Think about that though. Why would huge raw numbers mean that Cosby did it? The masses are usually wrong about any and everything if you look back over human history. In all likelihood these gold diggers got together and figured out how much money they would each get if they won 100 million or so and split it in whatever way. That’s better than a few women getting absolutely nothing right? That’s how most women think…..greed is good……greed is God.

And why did the Jewish media release this story when they did? They have dirt on everyone in Hollywood and they hate black comedians. Bernie Mack was probably killed. Steve Harvey is doing TV now and focusing on game shows and talk shows for women. Katt Williams stays in trouble with the law. Kevin Hart is a feminine coon. All of the major late night talk shows are hosted by Jews now. See how they work? They infest everything and then drive out the non-Jews. Ferguson, Ray Rice and the NYPD shooting were all going on at the same time so why not throw an old rapist comedian into the fiery mix just to make sure the race war explodes?

This is how Jewish elites think…..divide and conquer…..and whites and blacks fall for it hook, line and sinker every time. It’s also why America is finished. We have about 10 years left before this becomes a real life Walking Dead scenario. Don’t cry over spilled milk now. You did it to yourselves by not listening to the few people who knew what was really going on……like me. I wonder if there will be conspiracy theories in FEMA camps too?

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  1. I enjoy reading your posts and i enjoy your attitude aswell. 🙂

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