Killed On The 17th Of July: The Slaughter of Eric Garner

December 7, 2014

Ferguson and the shooting of Michael Brown was nothing like what happened to Eric Garner in New York. The Michael Brown incident is debatable from many different aspects. This is just cold-blooded murder. Why are blacks peacefully protesting? I think we know now that MLK’s non-violent protests ushered in many economic gains for some of us because of the white guilt and international attention it garnered but now we are right back to square one in an uncertain economy for all races: Black lives don’t matter…….all over again. This is the family he left behind.

garner family

It has been said that blacks have no rights the white man is bound to respect. Now we know it’s true. Chris Rock said whites have gotten better since slavery. As far as lynching and Jim Crow he’s right. Economically whites have gotten worse in their treatment to blacks. Intelligent blacks give up from frustration trying to help poorer blacks because they insist on “keepin’ it real” all the time, no matter the consequences of that. Why do we have to prove we’re tough by being loyal to the hood? Is there some prize from da hood once you do a 20yr bid? “It’s like Chris Rock said about OJ after his criminal acquittal. “What the fuck did we get? Every day I check my mailbox for my OJ check and nothing.” Loyalty to race is loyalty to skin color which is nothing. It’s tribal nonsense and brutish Neanderthalism. That is what whites and Jews do to us. Why do it back to them?

Blacks have to reclaim the moral high ground and stop trying to get revenge on whites. Then God will let his grace, mercy and divine providence flow back to us the way it used to do. Sometimes you fight fire with water and not fire. Now Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley are having a few civil words because Kenny is “down” and Charles is a “sellout”. This is why I had to give up on blacks: the divisive self-hatred. I have to work on my own soul and hopefully that will uplift humanity in some small way. These phony factions based on the nonsense-du-jour don’t even deserve consideration from sane, moral people.

Any rational person can see Eric Garner was murdered in plain sight and broad daylight. No indictment against Daniel Pantaleo should have been the expectation, not the rationale for looting. We already know many Italian males call us “moolie” all day and night long behind our backs especially in Jew York. Eric Garner really did die as we saw so that should not be minimized. The larger issue, however, is the divisive politics being spread by the Jewish media to foment the race war that will send us all spiraling into martial law. We all lose then……..all of us……whites included……just no Jews.

Watch Pantaleo smile and wave at the camera in glee while Eric Garner is driven off to die at at nearby hospital. He’s happy he did it.

In case you didn’t know the police aren’t the only ones wiping blacks and poor whites off the planet at will. The Jew Bill Gates has taken it a step further with this global vaccination program which will ensure death and/or sterility in much of the Third World. Now you have an even better reason to not like that shitty software Windows that Microsoft calls an operating system. Go ahead and get your free vaccination. Ever wonder why they’re free? We have work to do people, if anyone out there still cares and wants to know the truth outside of reactionary politics designed by the crafty Jew.

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