Strippers Don’t Have Boyfriends……By Definition.

December 7, 2014

I used to go to the strip club quite a bit when I was younger, even before it became popular from rap and the Jewish media’s purposeful planting of it into almost every movie, TV program and web site. I can remember when it really used to be a way for women to make quick money. Back then women would lie and say they didn’t have a boyfriend to keep the money coming in because most guys figure they have a chance if they can outbid everyone else. That’s stupid as hell of course because women like who they like and it’s never the guy with the most money. Thugs finally figured that out. Women respond to machismo, even though feminism makes them ashamed of it and they’ll deny it in public in the light of day.

Today is different. I live in Tampa FL now, strip club capital of America with over 60 of ’em….yup over 60. Of course less than half of them are popular like Mons Venus and Scores. The rest are holes in the wall with single moms barely getting by. I’ve noticed that the average stripper today is either gay or on drugs. They say they have boyfriends and men believe them but men are thinking with the wrong head again. A boyfriend is a man who cares about the well-being of his girlfriend and is protective of her first and foremost. So how could they be boyfriends when they allow their women to go get molested and licked on by pervs at a filthy, germ-infested strip club for crumbs? The amount isn’t even important. In the end it’s the woman’s decision to strip or not. That’s when a real man leaves when a woman decides she is going to strip anyway.

What strippers have at home are one of a few things: 1) a pimp 2) a drug/fuck buddy or 3) another woman 4) a worthless baby daddy or 5) nothing at all. None of them have boyfriends because that is a contradiction in terms. I had one tell me once that she was getting married. Really? To what? What type of loser would allow his wife to be a stripper in unholy matrimony? He must be like the guy who likes to date porn stars. You can’t listen to what strippers tell you. They lie as a way of life, many times without even realizing it. They are paid to entertain, not to bankrupt customers. All the other games they play is just bad karma on them, which is likely why many of them end up trapped in that dead end lifestyle for the rest of their lives. It’s not good to be an idiot and get played but it’s even worse to take advantage of an idiot. God takes care of babies and fools. Get another job girls and I do mean girls. Strippers get the respect they deserve….none. Your goodies are intended ONLY for your husband or life partner if you’re gay….no one else.

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