Why I Don’t Give A Damn About Ferguson

December 4, 2014

I almost never agree with black people, whether they are the liberal black masses or the few conservative sellout success stories like Oprah and Clarence Thomas. Why? Because blacks just digest information without considering the source of it and or what the ultimate intent of it really is. Our thinking is far too shallow and emotionally driven. We are too moved as a community by emotional ups and downs which lead us nowhere over and over. Those highs and lows allow the global elite to easily control and manipulate our thoughts and behaviors. Ferguson will be a distant memory in a week or two and what did we accomplish once again? Nothing………

There has been a consistent onslaught of racial incidents in the past few years ranging from Sean Bell to Trayvon Martin to Michael Brown now. What has changed? Nothing. Exactly. Despite all of our pleas and marches and demonstrations whites just ignored it. Why? Because they can. Blacks have no power because we stand in solidarity on nothing. Even when we stand in solidarity for a week or two it’s over soon enough and we go right back to killing each other. Somehow we think it’s worse when whites kill us than when we kill each other, another serious sign of post-traumatic slave syndrome.

I come not to criticize only. I have a solution to this problem, although I know it won’t be embraced because it has always been available to us. First we have to understand that the Jew is NOT our friend. They hate us more than they hate whites because they still carry African genes that give them curly hair and big noses. They hate looking in the mirror and seeing that reminder every day even though they managed to mix with whites long enough to lose their African skin tone.

Two, we have to stop believing every thing we see on TV. TV is a lying machine. The Jews control 100% of it. Divide and conquer is not just a fancy phrase. It’s how the Jews get and maintain control. They divide everyone into little groups and then pit those groups against each other: blacks vs whites, straight vs gay, pro-life vs pro-choice, Republicans vs Democrats, men vs women and on and on. While we are all fighting each other they send our military overseas to continue the conquest of the Earth under the phony premise of a War on Terror. The Jews are the terror. Whites and blacks got along reasonably well in America until the Jew intervened. Many of these racial incidents are timed perfectly when something illegal and dastardly is being done so that Americans pay little attention. A perfect example of such a distraction was the Kramer “nigger” incident. Michael Richards is not a racist. The Jews paid his a serious lump of cash to ruin what was left of his nearly dead career and he accepted it. Then for the next week it’s all we talked about while they got away with murder overseas from Americans barking up the wrong tree. Jews started slavery, not whites. Most slaves were owned by Jews on massive plantations, not by whites who rarely owned slaves but when they did normally had only a few. It’s the Jew folks. Blacks kill whites every day. Whites kill blacks every day. It’s not racism every time, although racism does still exist because most people don’t realize their true enemy is the Jew.

Three, we have to dump the current literal version of Christianity. It’s all lies made up by Jews when they mistranslated the Bible on purpose. This has been proven. You are NOT reading the original version of the Bible. The only true way to read the Bible is in Hebrew, the original language it was written in. If you cannot read Hebrew then the next best thing is to jettison the literal crap that your preacher spouts every Sunday because he is paid to do that and look for the deeper symbolic meanings within the scriptures. Ask God to help you understand what it really means and God will help you do just that. Some things in the Bible may be literal but not many. The vast majority is metaphor and allegory so blacks and other Christians are missing out on almost everything you need to know.

Every man has three brains 1) emotional 2) intellectual and 3) motor/sexual/instinctive. It is each individual’s task to keep the three brains in balance. If you are overwhelmed emotionally then do something intellectual or get some exercise. That will balance the energy of the brains. If you are feeling physically drained then do something intellectual or emotional. You get the idea. The problem is that the three brains are not of equal strength in man. The emotional brain will stampede the other two if it is not brought and kept under control. This is the problem of the black race. We have to control our emotions and use our intellect and physical strength to rein in these impulses. If we do not we will be here for eternity under the thumb of the Jew that enslaved us for hundreds of years and still enslaves us today.

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