The Signs of the Zodi-Addict

November 26, 2014

It should surprise no one that certain signs of the zodiac are more predisposed to drug and sex addiction than others. First and foremost are the water signs. Water is emotional and when our emotions are in turmoil we often turn to alcohol, drugs and sex for temporary relief rather than confronting the issue head on. Of course that always makes things worse but many of us persist in the addictive behavior because it’s the path of least resistance.

First and foremost are the water signs: Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. Pisces is mutable as well which means it flows a lot more easily than cardinal Cancer and fixed Scorpio. Pisceans are known for being hardcore drug addicts. Many of us are psychic, telepathic or empathic and while these abilities are a gift they can feel like a curse when unfocused. Pisceans are also hypersensitive which means we spend a lot of time in our heads wondering what other people meant by something they said earlier. I’ll bet if they gathered the statistics of people in jail or prison for drugs or alcohol abuse half or more of them would be Pisceans. Doesn’t seem quite fair does it? We go to jail more often just because of when we were born. Free will only works when you use it. Otherwise the planets direct your life.

Cancers are the emotional leaders. They are strong but also quite emotional. They tend to have very sharp, erratic tempers as well. If you hurt or offend a Cancer in any way they are most likely never going to forget or forgive it and many of them DO exact a painful revenge on those who do so. Cancer is the sign of the 4th house which is all about home. They are always trying to build and maintain a family, a base, a solid foundation of love and support. When it goes wrong watch out!!! Some of the most hardcore drug addicts I’ve ever met are Cancers. The crab has that hard shell so they keep their feelings inside where they believe they will be protected. The flip-side is actually true. If you don’t let them out and express them n a healthy way you end up exploding from the inside out. Crabs don’t have claws for nothing.

Scorpio is the fixed water sign. That means stubborn basically. Once they’ve made up their mind they are not likely to change it, even to their detriment. They are passionate lovers ruled by Mars and Pluto. They are also very dedicated normally. The problem is that their jealousy and paranoia often drive their mates away. Think of Scorpions as the private investigators of the zodiac. They analyze every nook and cranny of everything, ferreting out information and inventing theories along the way. It’s a useful skill in the world of business for sure but when it’s not controlled outside of the workplace then your mate being five minutes late home from work can turn into a full blown argument if the Kool-Aid stain on their shirt resembles lipstick. Yeah……it’s like that sometimes. Regardless Scorpions remain my favorite sign. I just have to watch out for those stingers. OUCH!!!!!!!!

Capricorns feel cursed. Many times it seems that way to me as well. They are ruled by Saturn exoterically and esoterically. Saturn can be a real pain. It’s the God of Time. He can give you great persistence and focus or he can drive you insane with eagerness and anxiety. I have yet to meet a happy Capricorn. That means people in general do not deal well with the saturnine energy. They are usually melancholy people with few friends who are obsessed with power, money and control. Needless to say that is a recipe for sexual deviance and material obsession. Some Capricorns take it to the extreme and actually sell themselves for money to get the power and control they seek. You have to look at what the sea-goat symbol of Capricorn represents. It’s sexual to be certain but it also represents the climb the goat must make to top of the mountain. It takes time….period. Capricorns are just late bloomers. All the stress from waiting drives many of them to the world of drugs and addiction.

Librans are the most beautiful people in the zodiac in my opinion, inside and outside, but only when they are in a happy, healthy relationship. They are very sensitive and diplomatic as the sign of balance of harmony. They are the peacekeepers and the only sign represented by a non-living entity, the scales. It is the sign of partnership and marriage so when there happiness is disturbed or their love betrayed chaos ensues. They become hateful, passive-aggressive, resentful, bitter, backstabbing demons. They turn to sex and drugs with ruthless abandonment. When the Libra scale tips….watch out. They are going full tilt. They intrigue me and terrify me at the same time. I have yet to meet one happy, balanced female Libran and I know plenty of them.

Aquarius is near and dear to my heart because my Moon and Mercury are in Aquarius. I think and feel the way they do. Poor Aquarius. We should be celebrating their uniqueness now that the Age of Aquarius is upon us but what we normally do is label them as outcasts for being so outspoken, direct and different. They are the sign of truth and humanitarianism and once again I have yet to meet a single happy one. Aquarius values friendship as the sign of the eleventh house but their quirkiness frightens people away many times. I call them Aquary contrary because many times they disagree for no other reason than to just be different. They need to find the balance between being themselves and allowing others to be themselves regardless of how sick conformity makes them feel. We all have a choice and it wouldn’t be fair to take that way from others because of their strong opinions. Once they give people that freedom they will make lifelong friends. Until that time their lack of genuine connection will leave them lonely and loneliness can lead to sexual compulsion and drug abuse. When Aquarians go bad they go really bad. At least they are already used to not being accepted.

Any sign can have problems with addiction and I’ve seen examples of all twelve signs but these six have a serious predisposition for disaster when they don’t channel their energies toward a higher cause. Maybe I’ll figure my own out one day.



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