Voters Are The Ones With No Right To Complain

October 12, 2014

Americans love to complain about how the Constitution has been shredded by Obama and the previous Bush/Cheney debacle. Truth be told Americans allowed it to be shredded. We spend so much time watching NFL football that they could literally do anything to us during the season and we wouldn’t notice a goddamn thing. I don’t vote and for good reason. Voting tells the elite that we are ok with this corrupt system of financial enslavement. They give us two choices, both which are funded by the same corporations. The Republicans pretend to care about conservative whites and rednecks. Democrats pretend to care about blacks, Mexicans and Jews. They’re both liars and have proven it time and time again. Yet still Americans turn on CNN and MSNBC and swallow the lies and propaganda hook, line and sinker.

That’s how you know when a peoples’ minds have been damaged. Americans at large have very little cognitive ability left, if at all. It’s not complex to understand how both sides are funded by the elite. It’s not hard to understand how they play both sides and how politicians are really just actors playing a role. Their tactics of division keep the US military a well oiled machine for Israel. Jewish Hollywood makes movie after movie with Arabs, Russians, Chinese and North Koreans as the enemy. Why? Because those are the only countries not on the Federal Reserve system under the control of the Rothschilds.

In the end Americans don’t care about America. They are about money. They care about TV. They care about their physiques. They care about payday. They care about painkillers. They care about alcohol. They care about weed. They care about vacation (if they can find a job). They care about porn. Almost anyone in America would take a suitcase full of money and then leave another suitcase nuke to blow up a bunch of people without even knowing why. We don’t give a shit about each other. It’s all empty words. Love of money is the opposite of love of God. We have made our god money. In so doing we have become Satan incarnate without even realizing it.

So go ahead and tell me I don’t have a right to an opinion since I don’t vote and lend credence to this phony system of manufactured debt and worldwide savagery. The only ones with no right to an opinion are the ones who vote and perpetuate this global system of tyranny which is destroying the very Earth itself. There is no duopoly. It’s a lie. There is only one monopoly of evil and money. If you vote at the federal level you are committing treason. It’s that simple. The penalty for treason is a lifetime in prison or death. Think about it.

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