What Women Mean By “REAL MAN”

October 8, 2014

A lot of women are always spewing that they want a “real man”. They never say what their definition of a real man is. They just keep repeating “real man” over and over as if there is some accepted definition. Actually there is an accepted definition within the female psyche but women are embarrassed by it so they just keep it to themselves and lie about it publicly. What they say publicly is that a real man takes care of his kids, or that he has a good job, or that he respects his mother……..blah blah blah. None of that has anything to do with what women mean by “real man” because it really means one and ONLY one thing to most women. “Real man” means a man that keeps his woman in check….period. In other words a real man is dominant and makes all or most of the decisions for the woman. Most straight women prefer it this way but clearly it’s embarrassing to admit it publicly so as usual women just lie about it in sheer duplicity.

I’m not saying that keeping a woman in check means beating her. Many times it DOES go that far. I don’t think a woman ever enjoys the actual ass-whooping even for a few masochist sickos. What they DO enjoy is the rush of adrenaline in the lead up during the argument to the actual fight. It turns them on big time because it makes them feel desired. Feminism has taken so much power from men in public with political correctness that in private women instinctively give it back to the man with demureness and subservience because our hunterer-gatherer minds have not caught up with the modern mind of feminist bullshit. It benefits women financially to pretend to be feminists publicly because otherwise women would publicly consider them traitors to the cause plus women’s rights affords women all sorts of opportunities to become the breadwinner, stable bachelorette or even stable single mother. At that point they can take their money and give it to the macho broke loser thug or whoever they are bangin in private that gets them “off”.

Women know that love is dead in America (because they killed it) so they have adapted. Most men still falsely believe in love because we still want to take care of a family but it doesn’t work unless the love is reciprocated. Women love money and orgasms. That’s about it……unless you count drugs too. Drugs help women forget about love so I wouldn’t leave them out either. The problem becomes when women start making money to buy drugs so they can have an orgasm that feels like love even though it isn’t. More of that happens that people know and women are always looking for love substitutes whether it’s drugs, thugs, dildos, vibrators, porn or whatever. So there you have it. A “REAL MAN” is a man that dominates his woman in and outside of the bedroom because it allows her to have multiple orgasms from macho caveman shit that is still built into women’s minds. Facts are facts. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. No one is entitled to their own facts. That would be like saying Israeli Mossad didn’t do 9/11. Get a grip.

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