The Only 3 Things Men Need To Know About Women….Period.

October 7, 2014

Yes it’s true ALL straight women can be narrowly defined and controlled by three small facts that I am about to present. It doesn’t matter if they’re fat, ugly, beautiful, rich, famous or whatever……..not one iota. It doesn’t matter if you yourself are fat, ugly, poor, dumb and useless. All that matters is these three things and you keep them in your mind in the presence of women then you will eventually understand how to shape your words so that they resonate in the minds of females to your advantage. In order of importance to women……..

1) Women hate nothing more than being alone. That means they will take any loser on the planet and tolerate any behavior if given no other choice. Women hate silence. It drives them insane because they don’t want to do any inner work where they look at their own lives and try to improve it. They just want to keep riding the wave………even if it’s leading to a tsunami that kills them.

2) Women hate to be thought of as a slut. Even women that are sluts hate to be called a slut or thought of in that way. It’s part of the whole double standard thing where it’s macho for a guy but it’s also the fact that women care more what other people think of them than they do themselves. Think about it. How many women immediately start talking about what someone said about them or did to them (at least in their minds) when they walk into a room? Almost all of them. Women are terrified for people to know their dirty little secrets…….whether it’s a gangbang that happened while they were on molly or tricking some naive guy into taking care of someone else’s child. Women have BIG secrets and they will die before they let them get out. Many women leave town when it happens. They can’t bear the embarrassment of what happened in the past and they constantly fear someone is going to bring it up and spread the word.

3) Women have to have orgasms. That means if you can’t give her any then you aren’t getting any. Women value their vaginas more than life itself. They treat it like it’s the only part of themselves that is worth anything. That’s really sad. The problem is that men are becoming more feminine and women are becoming more masculine but women are raising most of the kids. Marriage is a bum deal for men so pretty soon there will be no more marriage. That’s fine with me. Gay people can have it. I’m keeping my money for myself and still getting laid for free. You have to remember that so-called humans are really instinctive animals. Women react to machismo whether it’s a deep voice, tall stature or anything that is considered masculine in their community. For many women these days gangsta rap, drug dealers, dreadlocks, grills and other dumb shit keys their animal instinct so all men have to do is dress the part and play the role and you get nonstop pussy. Women don’t care if you’re a real thug. They just want it to seem real enough so they can “cum” really hard.

Personally I would rather go sexless than pretend to be a lawless moron so I aim higher than those types of females but it still applies to other types of males. Being mean, inconsiderate or just ignoring women altogether usually is enough to turn them on and get them into bed. From that point you can decide on whether you want to keep them around or not. Usually it’s a big NOT. Just remember don’t spend any money on women or you will negate all the work you’ve done. Either go dutch or make them pay for you. It’s that simple. It’s not that nice guys finish last. It’s that they never even get started.

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