Black Violence Just Another Jewish Ploy

September 27, 2014

I’m no peacenik. I believe humans have a duty to beat the hell out of evil people and kill them when necessary. The problem arises when you try to define evil. When does normal self-interest cross over into aberrant behavior or psychopathy? Jewish psychology has no answer because they are most of the psychopaths themselves. It is a fact that black people commit a disproportionate amount of violent crime in America but what about the corporations who poison us everyday with toxins? What about chemtrails? What about painkiller abuse? Corporations kill far more people than any other group in America but they kill us softly. They brainwash us into poisoning ourselves or do it us themselves clandestinely. This is not a debate about whether whites have killed more blacks or vice versa. Our enemy is this phony system that people pathetically rely on and trust but since people prefer to project onto the perceived weak instead of confronting the root cause let’s look at why blacks are more violent. We already know that black on white crime is not reported as much as white on black crime. Why? Because Jews own the media and they want to keep blacks and whites at each other’s throats. That’s why blacks, assuming any of us are really from Africa, were never sent back except a few repatriated to Liberia.

1) Blacks have 20% more testosterone on average than other races. This is a fact and it contributes to excessive emotionality that can and often does lead to violence. This extra testosterone occurs early in life and tapers off in the 20’s and 30’s.

2) Blacks did not swim to America. At least some of us were brought here by whites and Jews. We didn’t ask to be here. We came because Africa sold us and whites and Jews were too lazy to do their own manual labor.

3) Regardless of whether it’s manufactured by Jews or not, many whites do hate blacks. That leads to discrimination. Discrimination leads to joblessness. Joblessness leads to poverty. Poverty leads to crime. It doesn’t matter which race it is. The poorest people always commit the most crime, violent or otherwise.

4) America nurtures a culture of violence. It affects all of us including blacks. Jews desensitize us with Hollywood violence and sexual violence in porn. Video games do the same. Our military and police routinely slaughter people who have done nothing to us or them. This violent mentality is stamped into the minds of young black men who live in urban communities. Even the NFL condones violence as long as it is entertaining and someone gets rich from it.

These are not excuses for black violence but they are valid reasons, none of which can be attributed to blacks. The truth is that not all blacks are from Africa. At least some of us are from here and many slaves were actually sold from America to Africa. No one ever talks about that. It was not a one way slave trace. Blacks have been conditioned to hate themselves and self-hatred always leads to forms of self-defeating behavior. Blacks don’t only deserve reparations. They need reparations…….to repair their minds and to repair their families. Then and only then would we see a decrease in black violence, including black on black crime.

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