Angry White Men Scapegoating Black Males For Jewish Crimes

September 23, 2014

White men are pissed off these days, mostly at Jews because they control the media. However, since Jews are untouchable lest one be labeled an anti-Semite,  most white males prefer to project their anger on black males since we are largely defenseless against their attacks in the alternative media. They fear the political correctness created by the Jewish elite and the subsequent destruction of their livelihoods or what remains of them. This is pure cowardice. If whites are so great and strong why do they fear Jewish reprisal. Jews have been forcibly relocated out of hundreds of countries over the centuries so what’s the big deal with one more time? The big deal is technology. The Jewish elites control the news so they only report what is useful for brainwashing or something that is completely irrelevant (like Ray Rice) to provide a distraction for something far more sinister happening at home or abroad.

We all know where the ISIS charade is heading. It’s going to be another massive false flag operation by Jews in the federal government and Israeli Mossad, just like the original 9/11. Whites are sitting back and talking about it but doing nothing substantive to prevent it. Apparently it’s sufficient to bitch, whine and moan that the Jewish media has turned many white women into a bunch of whores that only sleep around with black male thugs. That will never remove Jewish elites from power but it will succeed in labeling them as a racist, which plays perfectly into Jewish elite hands since their ultimate goal is the destruction of the white race. As I’ve written about previously the black race has already been destroyed by the Jewish elites. There are still black people living and alive in America but there is no black race and there is no black America. Obama got that part right.

So we will see in the coming weeks and months whether whites have the cajones to do what is necessary to stop the Jewish elites one more time. Frankly I am not optimistic. Why? Breads and circuses. Everyone is complaining about why they are not given special privileges but the white man simply wants to reclaim what he sees is rightfully his. That is highly debatable since it was stolen in the first place. Stolen merchandise is always stolen especially when it’s land. There is no statute of limitations on justice, especially in the eyes of God Almighty. Karma must be paid. The Jew has a gargantuan amount of karma to be paid in this and future lives. The white man, while not innocent, has a much smaller amount of karma and may even have less than the black race. After all we blacks have not responded in the proper way to Jewish brainwashing. We believed the Jew was our friend from day one and all they ever did was play us like a harp to undermine the white race. We took the beatings. They took the money. It’s still going on and I have lost hope in any salvation of this world. We are all doomed.

Americans worship money. A man cannot have two masters. He will love one and hate the other or hate one and love the other. Americans love money and hate the true God. That was our downfall…..the love of Jewish Federal Reserve debt notes.




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