Joan Rivers Murdered By Jews For Outing Michelle Obama

September 8, 2014

Comedians are dropping like flies these days…..and that ain’t no joke. Robin Williams was recently sacrificed as the sad clown. He was killed on 8/11 the 223rd day of the year. 223 is 322 backwards, the Skull and Bones moniker. Clowns are known as a Satanic symbol. Children instinctively fear them for good reason. Now Joan Rivers, (aka Joan Alexandra Molinsky), or what was left of her after all that Botox, was pronounced dead on 9/4 after a minor elective procedure. I guess the elite are tired of using the old overdose excuse. The cover story for Williams was that he hung himself. Yeah right. Rivers was, is and always had been a tranny……..a Jewish tranny at that but Jews will sacrifice their own when they feel betrayed and Rivers/Molinsky wouldn’t shut her mouth about Obama being gay and Michelle being a tranny. Joan is the feminine form of John or IAO Isis/Apophis/Osiris and Rivers are water the last time I checked. That’s what they call a sacrifice folks. You can’t speak their language when you don’t know it…….kabbalah.

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