Americans Are Mostly Mercenaries and Treasoners

July 19, 2014

What is a mercenary? Someone who takes money usually to perform some immoral task who distances themselves from any emotional involvement. What is the American federal tax system? It is a way for the government to steal income from workers and then use that money to perform immoral and illegal acts of violence against other countries and their inhabitants. We dare call it the Department of Defense when it is really a Department of Offense.

What is treason? The offense of acting to overthrow one’s own government according to Webster and similarly for the Constitution. The Declaration of Independence, however, states the following:

“That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

So which is it? The answer is the second one…..the Right to Revolution. Treason is defined absent any moral compass. It basically says that if the US is evil and you try do good by stopping your government from doing evil that you have committed treason. It basically assumes that anyone against the US is evil, when in fact we know the truth to be the complete opposite. The only way America could be considered good is if we completely reverse the definition of good and evil. The Jewish media is good at doing that.

So Americans are basically mercenaries from a job and tax sense. Most of us are hired by corporations to earn barely enough to live on and provide our services while the Federal government parasites off of us with illegal taxes to conquer the world at the behest of Israel and the global elite. Isn’t that why Americans fought the British in the first place? We are right back in the same mess because we never really won the first time. Jewish financiers won because they financed both sides of all major conflicts and then force the winner to pay the debts of the vanquished. Get it? They don’t teach it in public school……..the truth that is. The military and police willingly take their jobs to murder, torture and enslave the people for a small paycheck or a sign-up bonus so their treason is that much more egregious because they lie to themselves that they are doing good.

So are Americans treasoners? I would argue yes. It is not only the right of the people to abolish abusive government but a duty. Americans believe voting effectively addresses the ills of society with a two-party system. That is insane. That has never worked in the history of mankind because it cannot work. Voting legitimizes the corrupt system that Americans refuse to believe is un-salvageable. That means voters are complicit in keeping two corporate political parties in power so they can keep taking bribes and kickbacks as career politicians to promote the agenda of the global elite. Voters are complicit in these crimes against humanity and hence also guilty of treason.

The only ones who do not fall into this category are tax resistors and those who never vote. Americans fear the IRS will audit them and throw in jail. The federal government is soon going to do much worse than that to you. We fear being fined or going to prison like Wesley Snipes or Lauryn Hill, who were merely scapegoats used to continue the ruse that taxing wage labor is legal. In other words we are cowards who claim to be patriots when in fact we cringe like scared kittens when we need to stand up to unjust authority. Voting makes us believe we are doing the right thing and then we lambast the nonvoters and tell them they have no voice. The only ones with no voice are the voiceless voters who falsely believe that two corporate parties operate independently of each other when in reality they both serve the corporate elite.

There you have it. Most Americans are treasonous mercenaries who don’t even realize it. You’ve been bought with phony, funny money and your soul sold to Satan compliments of Israel. Good luck in the afterlife when you have to explain this to God and karmically atone in hell or future lives of misery for the collective injustice America has wreaked on the world.


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