John 3:16 Is A Metaphor………The Crucifixion Doesn’t Forgive Your Sins

May 24, 2014

The biggest Jewish lie after the Holocaust and 9/11 is the reversal on reincarnation in Islam and Christianity, both fairly recent products of Judaism. Reincarnation is the only thing that can explain why good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people. It’s because the karma hasn’t caught up to them yet. Our previous lives always impact our current lives which in turn impact our future lives when combined with God’s gift of free will. The only reason Jews buried reincarnation is for control purposes. People are much easier to control when they think they only have one life before they will be judged and either go to heaven or be banished to hell for all eternity. That last part, in and of itself, tells you it’s a Jewish lie because God would NEVER sentence one of its souls to eternal damnation. God’s souls are part of it. Why would God damn itself to hell? Sounds like masochism to me but we all know from the Old Testament in the mangled and mistranslated KJV, et al, of the Old Testament that Jews are writing about their own merciless, savage god Moloch, the complete opposite of the New Testament God, making the Bible as a whole quite literally schizophrenic.

Is it just me or is going to heaven a pretty important thing? I would think someone would have to work pretty hard for something that important. I mean it lasts forever right? Complete bliss forever deserves more work than just accepting Jesus as your personal Savior. Anyone can say that and the words mean nothing anyway since God judges the heart and only the heart. Christians strike me a lazy. They want a wonderful reward like eternal life for reading a mistranslated book, sitting in a pew once a week and tithing their guilt away like Catholic penance for forgiveness of sins. God may be all-loving and giving but he isn’t gonna let some slacker into heaven for reciting a few verses or going to church regularly. You have to work on yourself….plain and simple. Worshiping God is fine because we should be thankful for its blessings and instruction that moves us ever closer from whence we came but the requirement is perfection of the soul. No one could accomplish that in one life, which in and of itself proves reincarnation is a fact, not religious conjecture.

The crucifixion is about Jesus killing his legions of “I”s, egos or the Satan within. It is about a physical death and a spiritual rebirth. It is metaphysical not literal. This scripture has been misinterpreted probably for the same reason the doctrine of reincarnation got scrapped. They go hand in hand. If you think you only live one life then the “Jesus died for our sins” lie gives you a quick and easy way to believe you are going to heaven when in fact anything could be further from the truth. The truth has been revealed here in these last times of Kali Yuga now that we are so close to the end. The truth has always been know and it is sacred sex. Tantric sex between man and woman returns man back through the door to the Garden of Eden from where we were banished, changing us from lunar beings into solar beings. Once again that’s not all there is to it. You also have to kill your “I”‘s and perform sacrifice for humanity. Sacrifice and service are NOT the same thing either. Neither is philanthropy. You have to give something of yourself that is irreplaceable and essential that somehow benefits humanity as a whole. Our inner being knows how to do it so don’t worry. Just worry about practicing tantra in isolation. If you gain your solar body without the other two requirements you can become a demon or what is known as a hasnamus.

This one verse from the Bible has and will continue to send more so-called Christians to the Second Death than anything. Jesus’ crucifixion is an example for us to perform the same work that Jesus did to destroy his inner demons. Whether Jesus actually existed or not is irrelevant. His example is all that matters. Christians believe that Jesus died for their sins when in fact Jesus died for his own sins. It is the same thing each us of must do. Take heed and follow the lead of the Sagittarian centaur, half man and half beast, by using your bow and arrow to pierce those “I”s one at a time. Your Divine Mother will help you. She is always watching and with us.


  1. Can you recommend some good sources of information on tantric sex and the man and woman dynamic?

    • Sure, search on scribd.com (have to upload something with a free account) and archive.org (100% free) for tantra. Some torrents are good too.

  2. Thank you. Great blog.

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