Renew Commitment On Mother’s Day To End Spanking

May 11, 2014

Proverbs 13:24 Spare the rod and spoil the child, one of the cruelest passages in the Old Testament when taken literally. How could a just and loving God condone physically abusing and emotionally scarring children? It couldn’t. That passage (along with most of the Bible) has been misinterpreted by Christians who don’t understand that it means to discipline your children with gentle words of instruction and admonition along with non-physical punishment. The King James version of the Bible cannot be trusted anyway because it has lost much of the meaning through gross mistranslation from the original Hebrew Bible. The Bible is a book of metaphors, front to back. It was never intended to be taken literally but don’t tell that to Christian conservatives or Jesus freaks. They’re deluded and caught up in a cycle of abuse at the hands of the priest class, many of whom know no better themselves, including my own father, who was a Methodist minister. My parents got beat as children so they beat me and my brother. It’s that simple. No thought went into at all except continuing a family tradition. In other words now it’s my turn to kick some ass. Most parents just don’t know how to discipline without beating their children or yelling at them, the emotional equivalent.  This is karma. You are continuing the same pattern of abuse inflicted upon you by your parent(s) or whoever raised you. Christians routinely mistake the true meaning of passages like this because they are reading it through the lens of their own distorted egos.

America is a nation of damaged people and violence is normalized by the Jewish media. Most of us repress the ugliness we experienced in childhood and carry it with us into adulthood in our subconscious. Few ever deal with it in any particular life so it becomes karma for the next life. Someone must break the cycle of abuse. I was shocked to learn that approximately 85% of adults admit to being spanked or beaten as children. That is shocking but perhaps it shouldn’t be in a country where Calvinism and Puritanism used to be popular religions. Most whites in America have German ancestry and Germans were BIG spankers…….so big in fact that it was finally outlawed because they saw it created overaggressive, violent adults many times. There are no demons inside children, especially when they are under the age of seven. The egos from previous lives cannot touch a child before the age of seven. Children, dare I say toddlers, don’t have a clue what is right and wrong. Beating them just tells them not to perform the act again like some Pavlovian dog. It doesn’t teach them why what they did is wrong and now they are emotionally damaged from being violated by the person or people they trusted most in the world. Translation? They may never trust another person in their entire lives. That is a tremendous amount of karma for parents to deal with in this life and future ones. There is no excuse or reason to physically attack children when they do something that annoys or upsets you and then cover up your crime by saying it hurt you more than it hurt your child. It hurt you BOTH equally and it needs to stop. I wonder what America would look like if we didn’t have so many people pleasers and anal-retentive or expulsive adults acting out in their daily lives, oblivious that their problems are rooted in being physically abused and emotionally rejected by their parents through acts of cruelty? A lot better I’m guessing………

I became a people-pleaser as a Pisces. I was still doing it until recently. I used money to try to buy people’s friendships and substituted sex for love. To me it was easier than trying to develop true meaningful relationships because I felt that eventually they would all turn on me or abandon me. That came from beatings as child….plain and simple. When people feel like they don’t deserve love then they pretend they don’t want it and then they look for a substitute which they usually find in promiscuity and/or drugs, leading to more rejection and more abandonment. Why does each generation not see this obvious disease of society and commit to creating the cure inside of us where it lives? The cycle must be broken. First parents must admit they were wrong to do what they did. They must sincerely apologize to their children and admit being imperfect parents like all parents are. That will begin the healing process because it shifts the blame from the innocent child back to the parent where it really belongs at this stage. We are our own family in the end. We are born. We live. We die. We reincarnate at some point so these patterns of abuse are soul karma from generation to generation within the family. God is trying to give us time to resolve it with love instead of having to forcibly tear these wretched, egoistic demons from our souls through finite suffering in hell.  Choose love. It feels better and it hurts a lot less.

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