The Real Purpose of Television

May 10, 2014

Most people think television was invented for two purposes: 1) to entertain us and 2) to provide information about events happening in faraway places that we normally wouldn’t know about. Those are both true but the entertainment factor has become nothing but bread and circus distraction at this point. Reality TV is anything but. Sports is just another way of saying US AGAINST THEM, meaning Americans against terrorists or whoever the phony threat of the day may be. The so-called news is now 99% propaganda based on the Jewish lies about 9/11. Many Americans are still stupid enough to believe Al Qaeda is a real terrorist organization with the ability to strike us here and abroad. Let’s say Osama Bin Laden was an actual Islamic terrorist. Just because he had hundreds of millions of dollars in bank account would not give him unfettered access to strike heavily guarded and secured American targets. Money is powerful but it ain’t that powerful. You gotta have connections folks and he didn’t have connections like that. You gotta be Jewish.

As so-called humans we always think we’re in control when in fact it’s usually our egos being manipulated by the elite from afar using behavior modification technique that have fine-tuned for hundreds of years. The TV makes us more receptive to these technique by changing our brain wave patterns from alpha to beta. Then those subliminal suggestions can be usefully planted in the subconscious. Eventually they sprout from the subconscious into the conscious and voila!!! They basically just told you what to do and you did it in time.

The other main purpose of TV is to reverse gender roles. Women are being re-made to look overly powerful, confident and rich. They always were but now they are being made to look, think and act like men. Men are being made to look like dolts and irresponsible deadbeat dads. Reality is stranger than fiction only because our reality is being dictated by the elite under the ruse of fiction. Monkey see…..monkey do. Sounds insulting but that is exactly what is happening right before most people’s eyes and they haven’t the slightest idea how effective it is. One of my favorite examples is how blacks believe the only way to be successful in a white/Jewish man’s world is to play sports or be an entertainer like a singer, musician or actor. How is that any different from the fool that used to entertain kings and queens? The only difference is the salary is better since they can’t beat the crap out of you for stinking it up. The salary also maintains your loyalty, real or imagined, because over time for most it becomes their god instead of the true God. Another example is how many black women watch “Real Housewives of Atlanta” and then go out and get into a fight with some other woman. Some suggestions emerge in the conscious quickly.

Part of the gender role reversal is the gay agenda. I know black people hate me for saying it (most of them have hated me my whole life anyway for being intelligent since that’s acting white?!?!?!) but Obama is gay as a three dollar bill. Why else would the Jews choose him to be the poster boy for the gay agenda. I’m not sure when it started. I’m guessing around “Will and Grace” is when it went into high speed and now it’s on overdrive. Many Christians actually think that gays should be allowed to get married. Let’s be 100% real right now. Only man can marry gay people because God doesn’t care about man’s laws. God knows most of them are flawed and immoral. To him a gay marriage is no marriage at all because, even though the two people might love each other, it’s not a man and a woman. That is a cosmic requirement from God’s own design. Gay marriage is a slap in the face of God.

Naturally you can’t reverse gender roles without destroying the family. Jewish feminism had already done most of that for us though. With women empowered consumerists men eventually became nothing more than sperm donors. With police waiting to bash the husband’s head in over the slightest provocation now women had protection from the evil specter of men who had been oppressing them and their children (not the father’s children too of course). You can observe any culture in the world and when the family collapses the entire structure of society follows suit. That’s why they did it. That’s why they’re doing it. That’s why they will continue to do it. It will continue to work because most women don’t care. I’m trying to help get alimony laws overturned and have child support laws changed so that women can’t waste that money on themselves and the children, oblivious, go without. Child support should use a debit card like food stamps so only certain things can be bought. This should have been done years ago.

Out of the family destruction comes sexual perversion and deviance. Aberrant behavior of all types is produced from the universal lack of connection that almost all of us feel in some way, if not completely. Mothers kill their children. Incest increases. Beastiality becomes rampant. People value their pets more than they value each other. The Jewish porn industry knows no boundaries. Filth is what they are. Filth is what they do. They will never turn off the internet for this one reason. Most of them need it for their own porn. Porn has becomes increasingly violent and perverted. Anal sex is now common because Jews have overturned sodomy laws nationwide. They even started a pedophile/pederast organization so men and boys can be together called NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association). Yuck……..ALL THIS and they STILL DID 9/11 too. Americans have no cahones…..or maybe they are just sitting at home watching porn playing with them.

Hmmm……..Television sounds a lot like Tel Aviv doesn’t it? They probably don’t even watch it over there with over 100 brothels for the rabbis, mostly young women trafficked in from Eastern Europe. So much for the holy land………..


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