The Astrological Downfall of Donald Sterling

April 29, 2014

LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling has been banned from the NBA, fined the max 2.5 million allowed by the NBA Constitution and will be forced out as owner by the other 29 team owners according to NBA commissioner Adam Silver….all rightfully so. Astrologically speaking, this morning there was a solar eclipse in Taurus. That new moon is also in Taurus (perhaps a silver moon?). Mercury was also in Taurus and rules communication. Taurus itself rules the 2nd house of possessions and things we value. Donald Sterling is a Taurus born on 4/26/34. He turned 80 last Saturday. In other words the planets just kicked him in his evil ass. He ran his mouth too much and now it’s hitting him in his pocket. I’ve never seen something so clear cut. The solar eclipse at 2:03am EDT provided the energy to oust him from his NBA ownership status. Of course we still have plenty of energy from that cardinal Grand Cross you can see below that peaked on 4/22. It was also lunar day 29, known for being inauspicious. More people die on that day than any other. The planets don’t play and they don’t lie. In other words God can’t lie. Jews may think they have special favor with God but they deluded from massive egos. They have karma just like the rest of us…..and plenty of it.


Let’s take a closer look at Sterling’s natal chart. (What is it with Jews always referring to gold and silver like everything has to be JEW-elry?) These psychos are truly obsessed with money. Silver represents the Moon and I guess Sterling silver is not 100% silver so the Moon screwed poor Donald over. Sterling silver has 7.5 copper in it which is the metal of Venus. Sterling has his Venus in Pisces so he should be a loving person. Obviously something went wrong, namely the Jupiter opposition to Mercury. His communication skills came back to bite him like a pit bull. The Uranus-Pluto square also clearly had an impact. His Chiron is in Gemini, showing how he is wounded in the area of communication, showing two opposing sides of himself that could no longer remain separate.



Mars in Taurus

“Slow and steady wins the race” could easily be a motto for Mars in Taurus. These goal-oriented people are not known for their speed, but their staying power is tremendous.

Generally calm and easygoing people, Mars in Taurus natives can have powerful tempers when they’re overly provoked. They generally don’t fly off the handle as quickly as others, however (unless Aries is prominent in their chart).

Mars in Taurus people value strength and stability. They are driven by security and an especial fondness for personal possessions. Most are not afraid to work for what they want, and there is an overall patience to this position of Mars. If it takes a few years to achieve their goals, so be it.

People born under a Mars in Taurus are often rather sensual people. Some are slow to arousal, but theirs is an earthy and powerful sensuality.

Most have well-defined long-term goals and the determination to achieve them. They usually are not the type of people to take on too many projects at once. If they don’t think they can do it, they won’t! It is almost impossible to get these people moving once they’ve made up their minds on a matter. You want them to go shopping with you? Unfortunately for you, about half an hour back, they’ve kicked up their heels, changed into something comfortable, and they simply won’t budge. Immovable is the only way to describe Mars in Taurus people who have made up their minds. Adaptability is not their strong point.

In a similar vein, attempting to rush Mars in Taurus people is a lesson in frustration. They won’t alter their pace for most anything.

If you can get past these “quirks”, however, you’ll find that Mars in Taurus natives are often quite reliable and strong personalities. It may just be worth the wait!

Eros in Taurus

These are highly sensual lovers who may seek to own their partners. Sexual possessiveness is often an issue with these lovers, and, unlike Eros in Aries, competition is not a turn-on. These lovers can be somewhat primitive in their desires and not as attracted to too much sexual intricacy. Plenty of masturbation is likely, although these lovers tend to be most unhappy without a steady partner. Their sexual natures are rooted in the senses.

Uranus in Aries (Natal and Transit)

Uranus in Aries is original and independent. Full of ambition and energy, they are very resourceful. Challenges that would send most people running are handled easily by those with Uranus in Aries. They may come across as impulsive or abrupt, which can make them a bit hard to get along with, even though they didn’t mean to upset anyone. They like to have a change of scenery, so may move frequently. They may be forced to change jobs or cities due to their rude manner.

Aries Uranus may feel that there is nothing left for them to learn… they know everything that is necessary. They may be impatient with the ideas of others. They may lose friends over this because they easily get into arguments over unimportant details. Their rather clinical, scientific ideas of children’s education are meant to protect them from society’s disorganization.

Aries Uranus has a well developed practical sense of business and finance that comes in handy. Combined with their inventive abilities and originality, they can be unbeatable. Overflowing with enthusiasm, intellectual prowess and energy, it is hard to repress their natural love of freedom. They are always ready to go back to school for more learning, no matter what their age.

Uranus in Aries has the ability to intuit a new direction for humankind, as well as ways to implement it. Unfortunately, it has just as much chance to be a bad direction as a good direction. They are not afraid to pioneer new ideas. Some are blessed with healing talents.

Uranus in Aries can also be a bit foolhardy, inconsistent and rebellious. Their temper can be legendary. In order to succeed, they should learn to control it and slow down. They can be plagued by headaches if they don’t learn how to relax. This is a time marked with sudden, abrupt changes. If they are not careful, they may end up in accidents due to their haste.

Ceres in Taurus

Ceres in Taurus feels nurtured when they are fed and pampered. A good massage helps them feel grounded and cared for. They nurture others by giving them the necessities of life like food, shelter and financial stability. They may become overly dependent on their belongings or may equate self worth with what they own. Touching is an important part of nurturing for this combination. If they can relax, it is beneficial to them. They feel worthwhile if they can provide for themselves


Also his moon is at 0 degrees Libra. That’s really just barely outside of Virgo, another earth sign that tends to be obsessed with material possessions. They are very critical people as well many times and obviously the moon is about emotion.

His north node and Saturn are both in Aquarius. Aquarius is the sign of friendship, truth and humanitarianism. That means he needs to let go out south node tendencies from a previous life. His south node be Leo, another sign that tends to be very materialistic and full of drama. Saturn indicates struggle and it is clear Mr. Sterling is struggling with being anyone’s true friend or doing humanitarian outside of writing a check to maintain his special favor like he did for the NAACP in the past. He thought and still thinks his money can actually buy people, creatures of God. He has not demonstrated any contrite gestures whatsoever and most likely won’t. Don’t forget Jewish elites started the Transatlantic slave trade so they are well-versed at using their funny money to treat humans like objects. Perhaps that’s also why Jews own and control the porn industry. We know it’s why they control the Federal Reserve and charge Americans interest for every dollar printed. We also pay kosher tax on most things at the grocery that are sold in boxes in the center aisles. Why? These people are common thieves. Aren’t Americans suffering enough from this construed economic downturn? Apparently not enough for the Jewish elite.

When all said and done this could be a desperate attempt by the NBA to get fans to come back since they’ve been leaving in droves recently in the LeBron era. The mostly Jewish owners clearly didn’t care about Sterling’s habitually racist behavior until it became public via mass media. We know who controls the media so this could also be a diversion for something far more sinister they are doing now that may come to light very soon before the end of the Grand Cross in early May or before the end of the seventh and final Uranus-Pluto in 2015. I still won’t rule out a nuke creating a tsunami and drowning LA. They’ve have terrible luck in every way recently.


  1. The girlfriend is Scorpio Oct 22, 1983 with Venus conjunct Mars Virgo aggressive around money and Uranus conj. Jupiter in Sag, lotto sports winner. Pluto conj Sun…I just knew she was a Scorp the minute I heard about this.

  2. ops…her venus/mars conjunction in virgo locks onto his Neptune. He worshiped her.
    nice blog

    • yes i see where you are going there………very astute.

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