Why Cancer Isn’t Cured Yet (And Never Will Be)

August 1, 2013

Americans are so naive. We actually think a disease that barely existed 30-40 years ago is now actually genetic. Not that scientists don’t blame other things too like smoking, a sedentary lifestyle and an unhealthy diet but these things alone didn’t cause the rate of cancer in the recent past. If cancer was genetic then we would have seen similar rates of cancer back during the early 1900’s and before. We didn’t. That means one of two things: 1) It’s caused by toxins and other changes introduced to our environment and/or 2) It’s a spiritual imbalance that is manifest physically “as above so below”. It is almost certainly a combination of both factors but since western medicine is allopathic and not homeopathic doctors ignore what they cannot detect with the five senses. Are there cures for the physical symptoms? Yes I will discuss some of those and why they have been marginalized to the fringes of nutball pseudoscience, as if modern medicine could ever know everything about anything absent the spiritual aspect of it. Are there cures for the spiritual symptoms. Yes but Big Pharma and the AMA don’t get paid to tell you how to fix yourself for free.

First let’s discuss the real cures for cancer. Actually these “cures” do not all work on all people. Each person has their own vital body that animates their physical body from the 4th dimension. Don’t ask me to prove it. You have to awaken your consciousness and then when you astral travel during sleep you can see it for yourself. Gnosis, which is really a religion of true hidden knowledge, is all about direct experience and not bullshit stories made up by the priest class millenia ago and regurgitated by your parents when you were a child, unable to mentally resist or decide for yourself. No proof is necessary when you see it for yourself. Seeing truly is believing and truly seeing leads to truly believing. Aligning this vital body energy properly requires different methods for each individual depending on your karma, anatomy, etc. In the end these real cures cause changes in the vital body which, in turn, causes changes in the physical body….”as above so below”. The laws of correspondence cannot be broken nor bent.

Here are just a few cures for cancer:

Kanzius machine (www.kanziuscancerresearch.org)

grape seed extract

vitamin B17

marijuana/hemp oil

various types of berries

35% peroxide

essiac tea

black salve

I’m sure there are many others. So it’s clear these have been marginalized for profit and the global depopulation agenda. Who even knows if there are seven billion people on the planet? They lie about everything else. Maybe it’s more. Maybe it’s less. What matters is that there is plenty of everything to support life. Their scarcity arguments are all about fear. How come every time someone puts a dent in the NWO agenda they suddenly come down with a fast-acting form of cancer? Because the elite know how to cause it and also how to cure it. They keep the secrets of humanity hidden from us at all times so we think we have to get up every day, go to work, have casual sex, get drunk and high, get married, buy a bunch of shit we don’t need, raise some kids you really don’t like, grow old and fat and finally die broke. It’s a win-win-win-infinity for them. The sickness of the global elite should clearly demonstrate the psychological side effects of generations of inbreeding. It makes you a psychopath……literally. Forget about the urban legends about birth defects from incest. I’m not endorsing incest but that rarely happens. What screws you up is when you do it for hundreds and hundreds of years…..generation after generation and that is what our government is…..a bunch of British royal inbreds.

Americans have to stop thinking government exists to help us and protect us. Government exists to hurt you, contrat ol you, steal your money and kill you if you don’t go along with the program. What are the odds the guy who invented the car that runs on water died the same week in a freak accident? Now when they kill people they always say it was a drug overdose….like everyone in the entire world gets high, although getting high does temporarily enhance your creativity so I’m not knocking it. I won’t even go into the slow-locaust being perpetrated on mankind right now with cell phones and smartphones. In ten years from now we are going to see brain cancer as common as the common cold. You’re killing yourself by frying your brain with those stupid homicidal gadgets folks. People say you have to have one in today’s world. Really? You have to kill yourself in today’s world. I’ll take yesterday’s world then. Americans have completely lost the ability to reason through chemical and mental dumbing-down. The IQs of almost everyone, yours not included, are plummeting. Now we can’t even think well enough to figure out we’re being screwed over, poisoned and murdered before it’s too late.

Simply put (since Americans need simple) cancer is a scam. Western allopathic medicine uses the cut, poison and burn approach to cancer. That means they either amputate limbs, administer chemotherapy which is poison or burn you with radiation which kills both healthy and cancer cells. Why do you trust your doctor? He works for criminals. He routinely violates the Hippocratic oath by accepting bribes to promote new medications and prescriptions from Big Pharma that he knows don’t work, barely work or cause other issues up to and including death. Your doctor is a liar unless he or she is a homeopathic physician. To top it all off they make you pay for this shit. That’s right. You have to pay to be murdered in America. It’s like hiring a hitman to kill yourself. Is it possible to be this stupid? Apparently so because we continue to pretend all of this is normal. Fuck bedside manner folks. Your doctor is a power-tripping, greedy asshole. Why do you think Congress is almost 100% doctors and lawyers? Because those are the people who fuck us all over the most. They may as well run for office and continue doing it.

These benefits, telethons, races for the cure and other such non-sense are just rackets folks. They take your money and then do research on things that they know won’t cure the disease. Of course most of it doesn’t even make it that far. They just bank it and blow it on more crap for themselves…..more houses, cars, whores, drugs, yachts, mansions, little boys to molest and sodomize and whatever else takes their fancy. It’s a legal form of theft just like the federal tax system. Yeah that’s right. You don’t owe taxes on wage labor America. It’s a voluntary tax. Why did Lauryn Hill and Wesley Snipes go to jail? Because they don’t know the law and they let Jews manage their money and legal defense. Read Peter Schiff’s “How Anyone Can Stop Paying Income Taxes”. Federal taxes are voluntary. If you pay them not only are you throwing away your hard-earned money you are also financing death and destruction around the world. That’s bad karma in case you didn’t know. Just because your parents pay federal taxes doesn’t mean you should. Stop being a carbon-copy of what got us into this mess in the first place. Your parents, like mine and most, were oblivious idiots, no offense. Income is capital gains, not wages. Wages are an exchange of currency for your labor. There’s no income to that. Get it?

Of course there are ways to truly cut your risk for developing cancer so the medical community doesn’t lie about that part. They know most people won’t do it anyway. Exercise, smoking cessation, healthy diet, etc all decrease the risk of cancer but some people still get it just from sitting in front of computers like this one all day. What a shame. Each of us had the potential to become a god. Instead we’re just going to end up another species of primates as we slowly but surely descend into the infra-dimensional abyss. Why do you think anal sex is so popular these days? That’s what apes and monkeys do. Humans didn’t evolve from apes. Apes devolved from humans. In the words of Yosemite Sam…..”Say your prayers varmints!!!”.

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