I Still Don’t Get It….Zimmerman Is Latino, Not White

July 11, 2013

I don’t have a lot to say on this because it’s a pretty straightforward issue to me. We all know the Jewish media uses “race” to keep various groups at each other’s throats, particularly blacks and whites. It’s a useful distraction while they continue to plunder the coffers of the American Treasury via their private Federal Reserve Bank. Anyway, Zimmerman is a Latino. Yes he is a light-skinned Latino but he isn’t so light that he looks white to me. So why are we behaving as if this is a white-black issue? Did I miss something and light-skinned Latinos declared themselves to be Caucasian? I know the Census Bureau is trying to do this and I’m sure most of them wish they were white since it would confer most of the benefits of white privilege upon them but Latino is not white. The only Hispanic whites are people from Spain. Latinos are from Latin America which includes Central and South America. That means the only qualification for being Hispanic is speaking Spanish. If you are a Latino then you speak Spanish because Spain colonized your country a long time ago and forced your people to drop their local dialect but you are not Spanish.

The media continues to beat the drums of race war as if this is OJ Part II. Don’t get me wrong. Some Latinos and Hispanics that immigrate to America hate black people because of how they related to them in their homeland before coming to America. Most Americans period fear ANY black male who is dressed in street gear, especially if he has dreadlocks. They have been conditioned and brainwashed by the media and their local news to see every black male in the same light, namely that of suspicion and criminality. But Zimmerman is not white so this is NOT OJ Part II. Now the police are on standby as if blacks are going to start a riot if Zimmerman is acquitted. Huh?

I honestly don’t care either way. If he did it and it wasn’t self-defense then he should get life in prison. I don’t believe in the death penalty. If he didn’t do and Trayvon initiated the scuffle then he should walk. The thing is I wasn’t there and I don’t believe any of these so-called witnesses one way or another. Hence I have no ability to decide one way or the other. I refuse to take Trayvon’s side just because he’s black and I refuse to condemn Zimmerman just because he is a light-skinned Latino. If the evidence is overwhelming and beyond a reasonable doubt that Zimmerman overreacted from a racist viewpoint then he should get some time. I haven’t been following it that closely because frankly things like this happen every day. We only buy into the Jewish programming when they sensationalize these episodes and then continue to ignore the plight of everyday blacks across this country and planet.


  1. I am still waiting for someone to explain me what a “white Hispanic” is… Is that to make it cover “creepy cracka”?

    • White Hispanic is a phony, invented term by whites trying to artificially inflate their Census numbers since we know the European birth rate is in serious decline because rich whites are not having kids and many of the rest are in interracial relationships because they can’t resist the brown, black and yellow. It should only account for whites from Spain but the Census Bureau and EEOC allows light-skinned Latinos to classify themselves as white Hispanic if they choose to do so. Of course most of them do because they benefit from it. Just because you’re light doesn’t make you white. If you have Latin American ancestry how in the hell can you possibly be white? Hahaha…..it’s just Jews out of control as usual.

      • Very creepy, indeed. Thanks for reminding me of the census nonsense.

    • To simplify it, it’s a person of hispanic orgin who has a European heritage. For instance Argentina has a very large white hispanic population. Now we have mestizo who are of mix heritage of Amerindian and European, the Amerindian and last but least the sambo who are of black, indian, and white heritage.

  2. I agree with everything you stated. And youre right about the census thing. I am latino(dominican) and I can tell you that I didnt take part in that census. I ignored it when it came in the mail several times and they actually sent someone to my house. After sending the first two off the third guy started telling me about legal ramifications how it was a civic duty like jury duty etc. So I decided to do it. I didnt even let him in my home we stood on my front porch as he went through the questionare. Can you beleive that there isnt even an option for “latino”? You get an option for “black hispanic” “white hispanic” or “other” thats it! So naturally I chose “other” and he argued with me over this! He wanted me to put “white”. Thats how far they go with that stuff. Sadly my people are so foolish and brainwashed that it actually gives some of them a good feeling to put down that theyre white as if theyll ever be accepted by these people. Trust me I see it all the time amongst latinos. They take the bass out of their voice and even walk different to try and appear less threatening I suppose. I see that a lot amongst blacks too but I cant speak on it as well as i can about my own. Anyway just thought Ide share that with yall….

  3. There’s another element to this. An esoteric one.

  4. The answer is the difference between race and ethnicity, Black and White are races while Hispanic is an ethnicity even (Latino). You can have Latinos with blonde hair and blue eyes and some with dark skin wooly hair, signifying a clear distinction. I understand that it is unfortunate that the modern world still relies on the social construction of race but its good to know and not ignore your racial classification.

    • Ethnicity is just a term to obscure race. To most people they are one in the same. Hispanic just means Spanish-Speaking so it’s not the same thing as Latino. Not sure what wooly hair means but sounds racist. It’s not unfortunate that racism exists. That makes it sound like some accident. Racism was invented to take advantage of people’s inherent insecurities. It’s divide and conquer and it works brilliantly for the elite. What confuses me is how some whites behave in racist ways but they love a dark tan. Seems like a contradiction to me.

      • “Wooly hair”was meant to make a clear distinction between “races” not to sound racist maybe Afro textured hair sounds better, both are better than what I have heard my hair being called. Race is a social construction and therefore an imaginary concept, but it is stupid to ignore classifications.


    • People’s races are determined visually by the dominant culture. The dominant culture in America is still white for the most part so that means they decide your race by looking at you. You can choose whatever you want on paper but that doesn’t determine how you get treated in society. If whites think you’re black then you’re black. If they think you’re white then you get white privilege. I realize it is frustrating for some people to not be able to control what others think of them upon first inspection but you have to know a little history around the “one-drop” rule in America. It basically states that any amount of traceable non-white blood makes you non-white. No one can tell Zimmerman is part German by visual inspection. Besides if you’re Jewish then your Jewishness is determined matrilineally so it varies across cultures. Obama is considered black because he looks black and he has at least one drop of black blood. Zimmerman should really be considered black by this rule but since Trayvon was already unquestionably black and Zimmerman is light-skinned Georgie boy got the white pass. This is how whites are bolstering their census numbers, by classifying light-skinned Latinos as whites and allowing them to choose their own race. Blacks can choose white if they want to but it’s pretty clear that won’t pass in society. The white birth rate is down in Europe and America so whites are propping their numbers up using Latinos. When you have most of the money you don’t want spend your time raising kids.

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