I’m Retiring From The NBA Finals…….For Good

June 21, 2013

What do you want to bet that Micky Arison, the Miami Heat owner, had something to do with the Heat winning Game 7 beyond normal fan participation and coaching the coach? He’s a wealthy Jewish elite, the same one that owns Carnival Cruise Lines. I’m sure he’s trying to make up for all the money he lost from that cruise accident.

micky arison

There are only three teams that for sure are not owned by Jewish elites: the Charlotte Bobcats, the Utah Jazz and you guessed it….the San Antonio Spurs. Peter Holt and his wife Julianna own the Spurs. He owns Caterpillar.


Of course we all should know by now that Jews rig the NBA finals every year but I’m sure this one was especially sweet since the Spurs are owned by the “inferior Gentiles”.

See my previous post from 2011 ==> https://racerules.wordpress.com/2011/12/25/the-complete-infestation-of-jewish-nba-owners/

Oh that’s right I keep forgetting……elite Jews never collude about anything. They suffered at the hands of Hitler after WWII in the Holocaust and they are God’s chosen people. My only question is which god. The chosen ones are not a race. They are those who follow the commandments of God. They may be Jewish or they may be Gentile.

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