Food Network Cooks Paula Deen’s Goose

June 21, 2013

America still cannot get over its race problem. Of course it’s Jewish elites who are perpetuating this fact since they benefit from milking their Holocaust mythology ad infinitum. Now it’s not even about blacks anymore but gays. Notice Deen mentions gays in this apologetic clip. What the hell does using the N-word have to do with gays? Jews….that’s right……Jews. Jews and gays are basically synonymous these days. Remember Jewish Representative Wiener that admitted having an affair and then Jewish House Speaker Nancy Pelosi asked him to step down? Well he was cheating on his wife alright but not with another woman. These people are genetically demented servants of Satan.

Anyway is Paula Deen a racist? Probably….but more importantly I don’t care. She’s a helluva cook. What many people don’t understand is that being racist 60 years ago is not an excuse. God’s laws and commandments never change. You can’t modernize your way out of racism. I’m sure Deen still has many of the same racist friends that she had way back when. Even worse if she’s a racist that means her husband most likely is too. Racists of a feather flock together. I feel bad for her though. Her 11 year stint on Food Network came to a very abrupt end today. Food Network is hypocritical as hell because they have very few black shows even on their network compared to white ones. In spite of all of this I am willing to make Mrs. Deen an offer. Be my personal chef for the rest of my life and we’ll call it even.

The Jewish media took off with this story because it fuels racial division. They need that negative energy to continue to feed their god Saturn aka Satan.

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